Crimes trim down in Juba City, Mayor says

Juba City Council Mayor, Michael Allah-Jabu (PHOTO BY Matia Samuel Timatio)

By Matia Samuel Timatio

Juba City Council said criminal activities carried out by gangs known as niggers have improved following the hunt and arrest of several affiliates.

The City Mayor, Michael Allah-Jabu said that 33 suspected gang members were arrested in the middle of April. The criminal cliques included 17 boys and 16 girls.

There have been rampant criminal activities carried out by these crooks forcing the city Mayor to launch attack on them.

The gangs printed T-shirts for their groups with names such as Outlaws, Ras Panga, and Bongo among others.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, Michael Allah-Jabu Mayor of Juba City Council said it is the Council’s mandate to keep the security of people within the city.

“After when I launched the war against the Niggers, I have realized that the activities of the Torontos had at least dropped even if there are many cases that can’t reach me but those major cases leading to death, serious injuries and all that are no longer there. They even fear because I was able to arrest seven of them and national security is our counterparts working with us in order to stabilize security within the city,” Allah-Jabu said.

“We have arrested some of them and we are able to send them to prisons regardless of their ages, those who are juveniles, there is section being given to them and those above eighteen we take them to Juba prisons and those with smaller crimes, we call their relatives to bail and warned them never to get back into the group again and we apprehended almost three hundred seventy,” he added.

Allah-Jabu said that some 67 of these Niggers were sent to Reng, Yei, and some of them are supposed to be sent to Aweil and Raja counties.

He noted that some good boys are being forced to join the groups, and once refused they have to be beaten by the members; saying that when a child is sent to buy something by the road sites or in a shop, they end up being arrested by the niggers.

Mr. Allah-Jabu stressed that his office will continue perusing them until when there is no more.

He attributed the criminology to ignorance, imported cultures from outside and lack of jobs for the youths.

The Mayor said his office is arranging with the national ministry of trade and industry to issue licenses for businesses where the boys can be employed to end hard spirits which are killing most young people based on reports from foreign countries.

“The issue of closing the manufacturing company is associated with the national ministry of Trade and Industries, and also the Bureau of Standards but we are engaging ourselves, if we see that our people are still dying, I will raise it to all levels of government to be looked at as serious issue,” Mayor Allah Jabu stated.           

Similarly, Allah-Jabu stressed that his office is working hard to stop these people in the middle of the roads like custom and Konyo-Konyo markets, saying they are causing traffic congestion.

“We have to go and do the traffic job because sometimes they don’t listen to the traffic, they are even beating them to free roundabout. We want to see that those putting their goods in the middle of the roads must be stopped because we are mandated by the law and we don’t want allegations from people that we have beaten someone, we have killed someone which are all nonsense that people are doing, they just don’t want us to execute our roles and functions we are supposed to do,” he said.

However, Allah-Jabu called on the public to be aware of criminals who pretend to be offering public transport, yet they only enter vehicles and pickpocket.

“The other thing we have realized is that there are criminal doctors who have entered in to south Sudan who are claimed to be for human trafficking who gives their business cards to the street boys to pretend like they are lost and when you go with the small boy and anything can happen but we have already introduced this to our security organs,” he said.  

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