There is a thin line between obvious and pseudo solutions

The heavy rain that comes with its destruction during its season and the scorching sun which does just the same when its time has come, the weighty running water that destroys farmlands, storms that wreck houses and the blazing sun that dries up crops, crack the soils to the core – respectively; and devastate the owners of the lands that the creator gave man to tilt.

These weather patterns many believe that they are natural occurrences that should not be questioned. Another portion of people actually believe that they have a relation with them; that is, they can command the sky to either pour or burn up. Either way, these weather patterns nowadays are not normal or perhaps they need not a normal way to approach them or even to live in them.

The climate observer may say that climate change is the cause of these sudden changes in today’s weather, an African superstitions believer may say that the gods are angry, one who has no idea of what is going on will only say that its nature and it’s therefore unpredictable. So how about issues whose solutions are plain black and white? Issues like the government providing sustainable solutions to its people, a mandate that they should fulfill by the mere fact that they swore to the people to do their duty, it is perturbing that a senior government official should publicly drain the little hope left of most of her people by indirectly declaring that the whole institution has got no solution to the chronic hunger, inflation, conflicts, malnutrition and the endless list.

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