Gov’t strikes deal to construct four bridges

Simon Mijok, the National Minister of Roads and transport-File Photo

By Bida Elly David

The National Ministry of Roads and Bridges yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to construct additional four bridges as part of their strategic plan to reduce traffic congestion in Juba.

Speaking to the media after meeting, the National Minister of roads and bridges Simon Mijok Mijak said the construction of other four bridges aimed at easing traffic congestion and the movement of people within the city.

The minister said that the CTI Engineering International Co. Ltd has been nominated to carry out supervision of the construction.

“We have just signed an agreement to construct four bridges which are very vital for the connectivity of traffic and movement in Juba. CTI has been selected to supervise the construction and they are going to engage a contractor as they have been with us since 2007,” minister Mijak said.

He said that the company has done the master plan which the government is implementing.

The minister applauded the Japanese Government and its people and particularly CTI and DMC companies for efforts exerted to offer services in the country such as building of Freedom Bridge.   

“We have just opened last week by H.E. the President of the Republic. Today the four bridges include the one leading to Giada or Shuhada then Albino Bridge, Kokora Bridge then the one known as Salakana which is leading to Pyramid Hotel. These four bridges are very vital as we have been witnessing the congestion of roads in Juba because of bridges,’’ he said

Furthermore, he once more cherished the efforts invested by CTI and DMC for accomplishing six Bridges’ construction, which are currently operational in Juba.

“Already CTI and DMC have already delivered six bridges which we are using today and we are grateful to have the Japanese Technology, the three are along Gudele from seven days to St Kizito then the fourth one is Munuki bridge leading to Bilpam then the fifth is next to Al-Sabah children hospital and the sixth is after Konyo-Konyo leading to the old bridge,” Mr. Mijak reiterated.

On the same note, minister Mijak highlighted that more bridges will be constructed in Juba based on their strategic plans.

He added that construction of the bridges shall have reached to certain level if not obstructed by the 2013 and 2016 conflicts in the Country.

“We are planning to have 20 or 21 bridges in Juba. There were plans to construct them and were budgeted by the Japanese; but we lost the construction because of the crisis of the 2013 and 2016. All in all, I am happy to see the signing; and this is the happiest day for me to see the results of our engagement with our friends the Japanese resulting to additional $20 Million to construct all these bridges,” the minister said.

The official stressed that, it is not new for the Ministry and Japanese, saying their friend have been helping the Ministries like the water projects.

Further, the minister stated that Japanese have also been helping the Ministry of information, higher education and even build peace in South Sudan.

Mr. Mijak commended the Japanese government commitment to help South Sudan amid project execution and donation.

“Japan is the only Country which has donated some money for the implementation and so these bridges are going to cement and strengthen the ties between the two nations already on our roads as I Just told my friends that we can see our roads are all Japanese cars because of the confidence quality. I thank my Engineers who have been working tirelessly to arrange for this day,’’ he said.

In his part Yoshihisa Noda, CTI professional Engineer and the General Manager for Project Implementation Division stated that completion of a bridge takes ample time.

“I will try my best as soon as possible to deliver these bridges on time. Actually constructing bridges will take 29 Months then starting to design and bidding is in December or January after that 29 Months of Construction,’’ he said.

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