YEI: Commissioner landed after surgery in Khartoum

Commissioner of Yei River County, Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa

By James Innocent

The commissioner of Yei River County in Central Equatoria State, Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa landed to Yei on Friday morning following his surgery and medication in Khartoum, Sudan.  

Mr. Aggrey confirmed to people of Yei that he has been away to Khartoum for health issues. He said that his neck disks were having problem, which affect his spinal cord. He stated that, it was going to cause some complications in his body and he is grateful that the doctors, who operated him, did the operation successfully.

“My neck disk is having problem affecting the spinal cord, which was going to cause some complications in my body and am grateful that the doctors they took care of me and they did operations on twenty-six of April the surgery was successfully and he came back to Juba and spend six days in Juba after spending the six days he landed to Yei on Thursday morning,” he said.    

“Am also grateful that God has kept the people of Yei alive in relative peace despite issues of cattle ridding and attacks on Yei Kaya Road, which has caused some panic in the community,” he added.

He echoed that his citizens in Yei are people who yearn for peace, and he encouraged them to continue working for peace, saying that peace is the only way and hope that the country can be in peace.

Additionally, the commissioner stated that peace needs participation of every citizen of the country.  

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