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Civilians still die in cold Blood in the hands of the government

By Kiden Stela Mandela

South Sudanese will continue hearing the sad news of blood bleeding until they will give up and pay deaf ears to what is happening to people in the country it is now clear that citizens will live in fear despite the fact that there is army guarding the country everywhere in the; States, Counties, Payams and Bomas the whole country.

The incident that occurred last week on Thursday 26 May 2022 of the murder of the three young men in Kajo-Keji county was completely not good, yet it also happens when the South Sudan People’s Defense Forces went out on a mission but ended up storming on the innocent civilians, killing the three young men in cold blood, it is like one time the country will have trees only. This is not the first time innocent souls are being taken. In Equatoria region it is the worst the issue of killing civilians in cold blood in the eyes of authorities, for example the governor, the commissioners just condemning and will forget the issues easily and even the SSPDF spokesperson sometimes declines on hot issues which is unfair to the country.

Now, also five (5) civilians are under dentation in Kajo-Keji by the SSPDF, among them one is a breastfeeding mother. All these are innocent civilians who do not know anything to do with killing or holding of a gun, the army would have not taken a step of shooting the three young men, instead they would have calmed down to search the suspects, because the army is supposed to protect civilians’ lives not killing them. The question is, if now the solders to the peace are the ones killing now how about the enemy? This means the lives of civilians are in danger all the times, more especially in the counties.

Just like what is happening in Abyei in May 23rd 2022, a huge number of Abyei citizens poured on the streets protesting with a demand to withdraw the South Sudan people defense force, (SSPDF) and Sudan arm forces from what they called Abyei box. It was serious demand because they have not seen any help from SSPDF’s side since such kind of attacks are affecting them. They were protesting while demanding the relocation of SSPDF based in Majak Kol and Rumkor outside especially the administrative area also the Sudanese’s armed forces in the Northern part of Abyei must leave to give safer environment to the citizen. But the question is, why would the citizens come out (to protest) yet there are government soldiers who are supposed to protect the box? And even solve the issues of the Sudanese army government. Everywhere citizens keep on losing properties and so many humiliations such as rape and other problems.

I appreciate the authority for arresting some SSPDF soldiers that were in connection to the killing of the three innocent souls in Kajo-Keji county they needed serious investigations and if found they have to face the law. I also urge the government to take care of its civilians all over the country because they already trust the government’s leadership.

God Bless South Sudan

Be Right Back 

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