Activist calls on Gov’t to invest in agriculture

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

A civil society activist is calling on government to put money in agriculture amidst alarming world food crisis. The Executive Director for Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO), Edmond Yakani told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday.

Mr. Yakani said that government should invest money in the cooperative societies so that they can invest in agriculture to mitigate food shortage and boost economy of the Country.

“Am calling on the government to invest money in all the cooperate sectors to boost the economy and mitigate the issue of hunger. The government should organize a dialogue for food shortage, that should allow experts to express their view and help in recommendation of what should be done,” Yakani said.

However, Yakani has also appealed to citizens of the country to join hands in cultivating and investing in agriculture.

Moreover, he said that government should organize a forum for dialogue, particularly for food insufficient, to bring together citizens and experts from all part of the Country to contribute their views and ideas on how to solve issue of hunger.

“Citizens need to produce food that suit them, because this would reduce export and consumption of food from other countries, therefore am calling on all the citizens to put their hands together and contribute by investing in agriculture either in rural or Urban areas,” said in a phone call.

However, few days ago the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management Peter Mayen Majongdit had said that government is planning to reserve food for the citizens.

While, the Vice President for Gender and Youth Cluster Rebecca Nyandeng has also predicted that there will be hunger in the country following the issue of food shortage.

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