Aweil rapist sentenced to death by hanging

By Ngor Deng Matem

A High Court in Northern Bahr el Ghazal state, Aweil has sentenced a 42-year-old man Mr. Saber Abu Sam to death by hanging for raping and killing the innocent 6-year-old Abuk Lual.

The court has also convicted Mr. Omer Mohamed for five years jail term for screening and harbouring the killer.

According the presiding Judge, Abraham Majur Laat the convicts are given 15 days to appeal against the court ruling effective from today (Monday).

After the announcement of the ruling, the people who attended the session welcome the verdict.

Mrs. Sarah Awut Ngong Akec said that it would be good to immediately implement the sentence by hanging the murderer.

“For everyone to get satisfied and for the justice to be served, this man sentenced to death can be hanged right away after the 15 days given to them to appeal. Hearing him dead will set an example to prevent whoever would want to do the same,” she said.

Michael Deng Akot, from Ayuang area expressed doubt hanging of the rapist as issued by the court.  

“We heard that the President of the country is the one who signs on the conviction to hang the person sentenced by the court. So, the message is going direct to the President Salva Kiir to help by approving this case so that this man follows the little Angel Abuk,” he said.

However, lawyers that were presenting the family of late Abuk welcomed the ruling and said the ruling was fair.

Ali Majuf, a Sudanese businessman in Aweil town appreciated the judiciary and has described the ruling as a responsible and fair justice he ever witnessed.

“We were convinced last week when one of the suspects was set free after found not guilty. I and other countrymen believed that justice was to be reached over this case. So, the today’s announcement cannot be appealed according to me because enough evidence against brother Saber were read out,” he stressed.

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