Two Lawmakers Raise argent matter of random Killing Innocent civilian

By Akol Madut Ngong

The two lawmakers yesterday in first session of the ordinary sitting No: 09/2022 have raise an argent matter of the killing of an innocent civilian in a cool blood this came during the presentation of the report of the Standing Specialized Committee on Legislative and Justice, on the political parties’ (Amendment) Bill, 2022, at the third and final Reading Stage.

The lawmaker representing SPLM of Mayom County in Unity State Hon. Nyuon Gai Nyuon, Mayom County in Unity state from SPLM has said we are some argent matter that someday back, we have reported a written note and yet not no response until now and that argent matter, there were three vehicle belong to the commissioner of Mayom county in unity state let from Juba on date 16th/May/2022 a long way to Warrap state.

The three vehicle have been attack by the arms youth of Warrap state in Majok-Noon in Twic county and attack lose six life, two women, one pregnant woman and four others.

“that is really a very argent matter that we have raised and there is no responsibility and also no response from leadership and I think if people decline on that matter later, it will escalated and it will bring a lot killing in our country.” He stated.

“It is not easy if people decline from it, it is better that people can look seriously to take a very quick action because we want to rescue the life of our citizen,” Nyuon added.

“I’m representing every citizen of the country but it is a matter just I can rise information to given to you as a leadership and you come up to rescue the life of our people who have been randomly killed by the criminal,” he stressed.

Meanwhile the lawmaker representing SPLM Ms Marry puru Michael from central Equatoria state representing also has risen the argent matter of the killing of three youth killed by SSDF in Kajo-keji County in central Equatoria state,.

she said, “in accordance with regulation 52(1) of the transitional national legislative assembly conduct of business of 2011 as amended 2021 to present the statement on an argent and an important matter concerning of the killing of the innocent youth by anti-peace SSDF in Kajo-keji county of central Equatoria state.

The Kajo-keji parliamentary caucus was desmid, the unstart to hear of the innocent killing of three youth at Kiri buna village at Konga Payam in Kajo-keji county on 26th/may/2022 by some SSDF, soldiers who has to be consider of anti-peace, “we are calling upon parliament to form a committee and assesse the area,” Mary said.      

However, another area MPs in the national legislative Assembly representing SPLM-IO in Chukudum in greater Pibor Administrative Area Hon Orasa  Loparara commanded that people are dying daily in the country, if you can count in a month or yearly, it is a massive genocide and I feel strongly request the ministry of interior to appear before the August to explain to us as a members, what is wrong really, what matter they have been taken because you cannot keep quiet and the people are dying daily.    

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