Child protection training kicks-off in Yei

By James innocent Ali

A two-days’ child protection training organized by Kikiji national orphanage centre in partnership with nonviolence peace force targeting thirty caregivers as participants in Yei River County of Central Equatoria State on Tuesday 31st of May 2022.

Miroslav Kardos, an international protection officer working for nonviolence peace force he said child protection is very important to transfer the knowledge to caregivers.

“We came here to conduct child protection training to care givers which is going to target thirty participants. He pointed that child protection is a very sensitive topic and important to take about and transfer knowledge to care givers because they need to learn about child protection emergencies, understand who is a child whether his or her concerns can able to take care of a child in the community or she or he can be a good manager in protecting children and how they can develop in a good health way and also important for a parent to understand about child abuse and different kinds of abuses and we protect them in other to live peacefully in the community,” he said.  

While the Executive director and founder for Kikiji national orphanage center Dominic Living Wawa said that they are grateful and thankful to God and nonviolence peace force for the support that they are rendering for the caregivers and children.

“We are so much grateful to God and thankful for nonviolence peace force for the support they are rendering for the parents of the children we are supporting and this parents and caregivers who are taking care of these children who are orphans and today this caregivers are getting training on child protection ones this children are out of class to see whether the children are learning,” he stated.   

One of the participants known as Hellen Apollo Lado believed that after getting the training they are going to get enough knowledge on protecting the children.

She said they are going to be very happy if they fully received the training they have rendered for them because as caregivers they are really getting allot of challenges in caring for the children, sometimes as a care giver you may think you have send the child to school at the end you come and realizes that the child is just loitering in the streets. She says during the opening by training in Yei.

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