City Council, Chambers meet to resolve resentments

Robert Pitia Chairperson of Chamber of Commerce Central Equatoria State
Michael Ladu Allah Jabu Mayor of Juba City Council

By Bida Elly David

The authorities of City Council and Central Equatoria State Chamber of commerce have last week met to steadfast disputes between city Council administrative officers and traders over unceasing fines occasioning to closure of shops.

This development came after subsequent series of disputes between traders and city Council officers regarding cumulative fees which were believed to have imposed on their enterprises on regular basis.

The meeting was attended by all heads of markets and officials from the two concerned authorities.

The meeting deliberated on ways through which the two bodies should harmonise and work together to avoid further disagreement that could create distrust among the two administrators and the traders.

Earlier this Month, foreign and domestic merchants have raised concerns regarding rampant collection of fees and fines by the city Council administrative officers which led to closure of many shops and corporative businesses as some of them couldn’t afford to meet the demand.

Speaking to the media after the meeting, Michael Ladu Allah-Jabu, the city Council Mayor said that collection of revenues from enterprises falls under the mandate of the city Council while chamber of commerce plays the role of supporting traders by improving infrastructure.

‘’The collection of revenues is the responsibility of the city Council while the State Chamber of Commerce work towards supporting the traders, towards promoting construction of roads for easy access of trading as well as boost developmental activities. I have understood that there are problems between the administrators and the traders in the market and I knew how they have been challenged’’ he said.

Furthermore Mayor designated chamber of commerce as an influential tool for development and counselled the heads of the markets to transform and upgrade enterprises.

At the same note, Mayor presented exertions to resolve the progressive disputes between the traders, officers and citizens through the heads of markets and the two authorities.

“I am going to sit with the heads of markets and the city Council administrators to discuss and resolve their challenges especially on the issues of garbage and fines since I have to the idea of improving the market and make it a modern place’’ he said.

In his part, Robert Pitia, the State chairperson of chamber of commerce urged the city council to compromise the traders through fine mitigation such that the final beneficiaries are not exaggerated.

“I am calling on the city Council Authority to compromise with traders such that the consumers are affected. Especially on the issues of fines that has become so alarming causing continuous disagreement in the markets. We need city Council to restore the relationship between traders and the officers’’ he underscored.

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