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Does government have enough farms to reserve food for its Citizens?

By Kiden Stela Mandela

The agriculture as the back born of the country is dead here because there is no serious leader who encourages agriculture. Even the government has no single farm like the case in other countries where the government has. Today with this looming hunger in the country, it is very difficult because the entire country is depending on humanitarian support both in the country and in the refugee camps, the Government is supposed to have its own farm as an example to its citizens because it has the capacity to agriculture produce all the criminals that are in the country taken to the prison are the ones who are supposed to work in the government farms in order to reduce crimes and to the government to have enough food.

Right now the country is facing more challenges in terms of food as the country all this years since its independence has not settled its grievances over power sharing that led the country to difficult economic crisis like the rising dollar rates in the country which is just abnormal and nobody cares, people are busy fighting day and night for better position forgetting the lives of civilians.

The country is supposed to invest mostly in agriculture by now farmers would have stored enough food that would have helped in this situation but where are the farmers going to cultivate or practice agriculture? The issue of insecurity has spoiled every plans of citizens to start agriculture like in some counties in Yei river particularly, Lasu payam farmers are being killed in their gardens and in Magwi county some farms are destroyed by cattle guarded by armed herders a lot of humiliation how is it possible for the agriculture to take place in the country.

Last year on the 14th April 2021 the minister for Humanitarian Affairs and disaster Management said South Sudan will continue to depend on donation due to rampart insecurity and poor agricultural set up, that the country still has no Agricultural farms that would produce enough food to the population of 8.5 million in the country.

I’m appealing to the government to stabilize security in the country and also focus on the issues of the raising dollars in the country so that agriculture May be accessible in all areas in South Sudan to reduce the coming looming hunger, support farmers because since South Sudan gained its independent up to Nothing good came out it you only hear killing, raping young once and looting just politicians are not open but interest in position. Also argue the government to bring total peace to the country so that the issues to do with insecurity will stop and also Citizens to support the government to proceed higher in development.

God Bless South Sudan

Be right There!  

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