SSPDF releases 3 arbitrarily detained civilians in Kajo-Keji

Commissioner of Kajokeji on the left holding the baby among detained including the two in the middle, on the right is the member of the Kajo-keji County authority. (Photo credit: Courtesy)

By Ephraim Modi D.S

The Acting Chairperson of the Kajo-Keji Youth Association_ (KKYA) Mr. Kenyi Henry, confirmed to No. 1 Citizen daily on Tuesday May 31st that three civilians arrested by the South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF) and detained being detained at the army barrack have been released.

The three civilians including a lactating mother of a 3 months old baby were captured by the SSPDF soldier who allegedly went on rampage in Kiri Boma of Kajo-Keji County killing three innocent youth in what seem to be a retaliatory attack on the civilians by the army following death of a soldier found hanging in the area.

The gruesome murder of the innocent young lives attracted nationwide condemnation of the alleged act by the government soldiers with serious called for justice to the slain youth.

The civilians were arrested on Thursday 26th May, 2022 in relation to a departed soldier whose body was found dangling on the tree which triggered the shooting of three men in the area allegedly by the SSPDF soldiers who went to the scene after the death was reported to them.

Speaking in phone interview with this reporter, the Acting youth leader Mr. Kenyi Henry confirmed that three out of five detained civilians in the army barrack were released on Tuesday the 31st of May 2022 and were been taken to their homes.

“Yes, they (army) have released them some 30 minutes back.” Kenyi confirmed the release Tuesday evening.

Kenyi further explained that the youths are in virtuous conditions which mean they were not tortured by the soldiers while in the army detention facility.

Those arrested and released yesterday included a breastfeeding mother of a three months old baby who is a sister to two of the murdered youth.

“They have not been tortured but you know when you have been in custody you know how someone look, where sometimes eating is a problem but when the mother of the child was asked, she said they had not been tortured and they have been taken home now.” He added.

However, the KKYA Acting youth Chairperson said the other two civilians being held together with the three released are still waiting for further follow up along with the other properties like the phones and motorcycle that were alleged to have been taken by the soldiers.

“They have released the three, the two we have not got proper information because there are some items to be followed up like phones and the motorcycles.” Kenyi noted.

He added that the three that were released are released with no conditions attached and he also saying there is a team from the state government that will arrive to Kajo-Keji County by Wednesday.

Meanwhile the Commissioner of Kajo-keji Kenyi Erasto Micahel as well confirmed the release of the army detainees sharing their picture on his Official Kajo-Keji County Press Unit WhatsApp forum.

 “Breaking news from the office of commissioner Kajo-Keji County news,,, Angle,, three civilians who were detained in the army Barrack due to dead of three civilians who were killed by SSPDF are released from the detension.” Commissioner Erasto posted on his official WhatsApp group.

However reported phone calls to reach him for an official voice confirmation message were futile as he declined to pick up calls.

“Well, right from the day that the incident happened during the burial on Friday and on Saturday that we are supposed to follow up with the arrested youths, it was found that Kamilo travelled to Kayaya until he came back on yesterday late. I made a call with him on the same.” He said.

Erasto said the absence of the army commander made everything at a standstill delaying the release of the detained civilians.

“His absence actually made things very difficult but since he has come and the investigator has gone, if things all goes well, the investigator will come with them or tomorrow. But I would not tell you exactly when until the investor reach my office with the updates that is where I will be able to give you the right answer.” He underlined.

Commissioner Erasto stated that the culprits to the killing of the three men who are arrested and detained are still in Kajo-keji waiting to be referred to juba for the trial in the court.

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