WE Governor urged UN not to separate the people as they marked International Day

UN and State Government officers mourning the UN murders in Yambio UN Camp

By Alex Digi

United Nations Mission in South Sudan UNMISS in Western Equatoria state on Wednesday this week joined the rest of the World in celebrating the United Nations day under the theme: “PEACE PEOPLE PROGRESS”.

Addressing the United Nations community members in Yambio at UNMISS Camp, the Governor of Western Equatoria State Alfred Futuyo Karaba said this is a very important day where by people around the world sit together to remember about peace and he urged UNMISS team in Yambio to not separate the people.

“When partners of UN or UNICEF came to Western Equatoria State, they came to help everyone they don’t segregate but now there is problem, because if UN came to help any vulnerable people they will go anywhere and if there is any dispute then they intervene and resolve the case, because they move anywhere, the question is why from here to Mvolo County UN will say the place is far, why say from here to Nagero they say the place is far and from here to Mundri East is far? That means there is problem within UN” said the Governor.

The governor urged all the UN in WES to be peacemaker at the various level citing that those individuals fuelling corruption in UNMISS should stop or they will be taken for investigation.

For their part the UNMISS Head of field office in WES state Christopher Murenga read out the Secretary-General’s message.

“Today, we honour the more the one million women and men who have served as United Nations peacekeepers since 1948, We pay tribute to the nearly 4,200 heroes and heroines who sacrificed their lives in the cause of peace and we are reminded of age-old truth peace can never be taken for granted. Peace is the prise. We are deeply grateful to the 87,000 civilian, police and military personnel now serving under the UN flag who are helping to realize the prize of peace worldwide. Today and every day, we salute their dedication in helping societies turn away from conflict, towards a more peaceful and prosperous future for all”.

However from 2021-2022, the United Nations lost 15 of their members among them, 5 from South Sudan namely;-

-Abraham Chol Padier -Anthony Ladu Umba -Machot Mayen Elijah -Edward Sereno Ladu and –Loidi Stehen.

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