Youth Union snubs indefinite suspension of president

Charles Lado, CES Youth Unions’ President-File Photo

By Bida Elly David

The leadership of Central Equatoria State Youth Union has snubbed and condemned the pronouncement taken by the minister of Culture, Youth and Sports suspending the chairperson and his secretary from duties characterizing it to be null and void.

In a Statement seen by No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, the Union said that the Minister bore no obligation to suspend any executive or member of the Union from the office, and the council stands with much mandate to carry its deferment.

“The leadership of the Central Equatoria State Youth Union has learnt of a document circulating on social media purporting to have indefinitely suspended the chairperson and the Secretary General of the Union,” the statement read.

In a Ministerial Order No.01/2022 A.D Ref: RSS/CES/SMCY&S/OM/J/30th /05/01, the State Minister of Culture, Youth and sports has indefinitely suspended the chairperson and the secretary general of the Union.

The union stated that according to Article 17 sub article (8) of the Central Equatoria State Youth Union Constitution, only the council has the legal right to suspend the Chairperson and the Executive or the member of the Council whatever.

Furthermore, the statement nullified Article 7 quoted by the Minister regarding the Youth’s Commission to reorganise the Union and dubbing it to be non-existing in the National Constitution.

“Noting the Article 7 of the so called commission quoted by Hon.Minister has not been among applicable laws in the Republic of South Sudan. Without any reasons cited, the Minister acted ultra vires as such the Ministerial order is null and void,’’ the union said in the statement.

The Council has called on the hon. minister to acquaint herself with the Union’s constitution to avoid such misunderstanding in the future.

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