Authorities warn NGOs acting as business entities

The Central Equatoria State Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Chairperson Robert Pitiya briefing the media in his office on Thursday (Photo: Taban Henry)

By Taban Henry

The Central Equatoria State Chamber of Commerce is warning UN agencies and other non-governmental organizations against flattering as business entities.

The chairperson of the chamber, Robert Pitiya told media on Thursday saying some UN agencies and other non-governmental organizations are becoming business companies.

“UNDP and of the organizations are becoming business companies, we want to send this clear message to the concerned authorities, we need NGOs that aim at changing the lives of our people because we don’t need handouts, people need economic development so that they can be independent but it has come to my knowledge that some of these NGOs are becoming business entities because they want to keep their projects and make sure that they are there and making money for themselves,” Pitia said.

He called on the government to make sure that NGOs are reviewed especially those who are not providing good services for South Sudanese.

He stated that they need organizations that can empower young people and women so that locals feel they are part and partial of the contribution towards nation building.

“We want to be independent to improve our home economy, so this goes to the concerned authorities who are registering these organizations because our people need economic development and our youth need opportunities. We need the government to provide opportunities to our people,” he added.

Mr. Pitia said they need concerned authorities they wanted organizations that can bring change to the citizens, but not just leaving and making money for individuals and yet local people are suffering. “People need to see the projects the organization are carrying out does it yield profit to the people of South Sudan just humanitarian and they are not adding something so we need to have something so that the lives of our people change so they should do the job and leave us independent but not just giving us and again we are stranded,” he stated.  

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