British Ambassador hosts Queen’s Jubilee, pledges to support peace

Ambassador Jonny Baxter, the British Envoy to South Sudan (l), Rebecca Nyandeng de Mabior, V.P. for Gender and Youth Cluster (C) and Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin, Minister in the Office of the President (R) cutting the Queen’s Birthday Cake on Wednesday 1st June 2022 in Juba (Photo: Philip Buda Ladu)

By Philip Buda Ladu

The British Embassy in Juba under the leadership of Her Majesty’s Ambassador to South Sudan Jonny Baxter threw a birthday party for Queen Elizabeth of England as she celebrated her 96th birthday and 70 years on the throne, promising to support South Sudan Peace and prosperity.

Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday Party and Platinum Jubilee Celebration was held on Wednesday 1st May 2022 at the Five Star’ Radisson Blu Hotel in Juba.

The birthday Jubilee party brought together dozens of invited distinguished guests and dignities from different field and careers, Vice President for Gender and Youth Cluster Rebecca Nyandeng, de Mabior, was the chief Guest at the Wednesday’s party.

Other distinguished guest included; National Ministers, Legislators, Foreign diplomats, State government officials, Members of the International Non-governmental organization, UN diplomats, companies executives, civil society activists among others.   

Ambassador Jonny Baxter while addressing the party delegates expressed his joy as the hosting Ambassador saying “I am happy finally to host my first, “Queen’s Birthday Party”, as Her Majesty’s Ambassador to South Sudan”.

He said this year is special to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland because it is what’s known as a “Jubilee” year.

On 6 February 2022, the queen became the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee marking 70 years of service to the people of the United Kingdom, the Realm (Commonwealth Countries the Queen is Monarch and Head of State) and Commonwealth.

HM the Queen will celebrate her 96th “official” birthday on Thursday 2nd June 2022 (her actual birthday is 21st April and the tradition of two birthdays dates back nearly 300 years to the reign of George II).

There will be over 3,200 parties and events around her official birthday in the UK with people and communities coming together to celebrate the historic milestone of her Platinum Jubilee.

“HM the Queen plays an important part in the life of our Nation” said Ambassador Baxter. “As our Head of State, she has constitutional and representational duties. She also has a less formal role as Head of Nation acting as a focus for national identity, unity, and pride; giving a sense of Stability and continuity; and officially recognizing success and excellence and supporting the ideals of voluntary services” he added.

Her Majesty’s long reign means that, for almost everyone in the UK the Realms or Commonwealth, she is the only Monarch they have known. Her many years of selfless service to the British people means she is a beacon for all of them who aspire to serve causes more important than themselves.

Ambassador Jonny Baxter, HM’s Representative to South Sudan used the occasion to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 96th birthday and 70 years on the throne, to reaffirm the UK commitment to help South Sudanese realized their quest for stainable peace and prosperity.

“As a friend of South Sudan working with the people of South Sudan, my Country and I, will always do what we can to promote the course of peace and prosperity in this peaceful Country” Ambassador Baxter affirmed.

He said the United Kingdom contributes in developing healthcare, as well as support peace building and conflicts resolution in South Sudan.

The UK Envoy to Juba said they most often also provide lifesaving humanitarian assistance, stating that they continue to do all of that because he thought it is the right thing to do.

“But like everyone we know that there’s need to bring change in the world to make a difference; security and stability are the first steps to unlocking a better future and the UK will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with South Sudan to work with you to unlock that future” reiterated Ambassador Baxter. 

Her Majesty’s Ambassador to South Sudan further noted that in the UM at times of crisis and division, the Queen, has been a unifying figure, offering wise words and reassurance, steadfast in her view that the people of the UK and the Commonwealth should have the right to decide their future, saying the Queen and her family therefore have a special place in hearts and minds.

Although the Queen has not visited South Sudan (she visited Sudan in 1956 with her late husband Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh). Ambassador Baxter noted that some South Sudanese may also remember Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Uganda in 2007.

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