City Council launches joint garbage collection project in Juba

Goaner Timothy, MD for East-Africa Go-Green/Photo by Moyo Jacob

By Bida Elly David

The East Africa Go-Green Company in collaboration with Juba City Council has launched a joint garbage collection exercise within the city on Friday the 3rd –June-2022.

The initiative is the beginning of a ten-year project signed earlier by the two entities to keep the city clean, green and healthy for residents.

Previously, the East Africa Go-Green Company Ltd offered 24 trucks for garbage collection to execute the project.

Speaking to the press during the handing over of garbage collection responsibility to the company, Goaner Timothy the Managing Director of the company said their goal is to promote Juba city to meet international standards by making it clean.

“East Africa Go-Green Company is an indigenous company that has emerged to manage our city today. It is a very good for our city today that finally it has a company that is capable and having a capacity to undertake the waste management of our city. We should have launched the project in January but because of the global pandemic restriction in China, we could not make it,’’ Mr. Timothy said.

Mr. Timothy said they have estimated an accumulated waste within Juba to 600 tonnes.

“There is need of our trucks to remove them and that is going to be our first order to perform the removal. While we do that, we shall be distributing 10,000 trashes. We have four classifications for private residents consisting of first class, second class, third class and fourth class. Any family that will have very many members and visitors that will be coming from time to time bear different charges from other classes. Other high institutions shall also have a different segment of fees based on the number of accumulated garbage,’’ he said.

On his part, the Mayor of Juba City Council Michael Lado Allah-Jabu said that the declaration for the launch of the garbage collection was due to multiple accumulation of trash in the city.

“I am declaring the East African Go- Green Company to launch the beginning of their garbage collection initiative officially tomorrow(today), in order to keep Juba City green, clean and healthy as our motto says,” Allah-Jabu said.

He stated that East Africa Go-Green is a typical indigenous company for the people of South Sudan located in Juba.

The Mayor further said that the idea to give the city’s waste management to East Africa Go-Green Company was because they are well equipped and well organised.

The city Mayor stressed that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the company for ten years in order to facilitate and make a massive garbage collection within the city of Juba.

He said that introduction of East Africa Go-Green is for the public to know and make sure that the issue of garbage collection is settled as soon as possible.

Mayor however urged stakeholders within Juba to harmonise with the company to ease collection of the garbage within the city.

“We are calling for all stakeholders to cooperate and do all their part in order to easy the process of garbage collection with the company to keep Juba free of garbage. Compliance with the laws in order to keep the city clean, the law enforcement of Juba City Council within the Ministry of Local government and law enforcement is going to charge on that with immediate action,’’ he said.

However, he said the provision and placement of 10,000 trash bins shall be carried in all markets and residential areas to ease collection.

Besides, the Mayor said the offer of 10,000 private bins or trash bins for an affordable price and one million garbage bags at half market price is also going to be provided for all within Juba.

At the same note, Mayor reiterated that it would be joint efforts for the two entities to allocate garbage collection fees on residents and institutions.

He stated that Go-Green East Africa Company and Juba City Council will collect the fees jointly at the current mode of collection. 

He said the upcoming data collection and cooperation of the residents with data collection is also required, so that they can see how they can work together to ease and meet the motto for service delivery and urban development.

“The initiation of this company is to relieve our people from the stress of keeping and managing garbage with reasonable garbage fee as mentioned above. The Company will incorporate Juba City technical staff and manpower or workers working with the garbage department. The Company will start in Juba Block Council and Kator initially, ‘’ he stressed.

“Of course, Juba City Council is going to monitor the work of this company If their work will not be fair, it is us to ask them whether they like it or not,’’ Mayor added.

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