Kitgum municipal councilors leave hall in disgust

Left in blue, Deputy town Clerk Mr. Ochan Patrick and right, Municipality Mayor Mr. Ojata Richard Okwera

By Martha John savio

The three Kitgum municipality division of Central, Pager and Pandwong were left with no option but to leave the municipal Hall in disgust disappointment when they were not been given four months Honoria wage payment as promised.

Mr. Tolit Godfrey the interim chairperson of Kitgum municipality said earlier that the councilors would receive their wages before 30th May 2022, unfortunately they have not received the payment for four months.

Therefore, the general-purpose member of Panddowng division, Mr. Awich Andrew Ocheng said that each councilor was supposed to get 35,000/= per sitting, and an annual payment is 420,000/=. He commented that the councilors have given the town clerk an ultimatum to pay them by 15th June 2022, if not paid; they will take another step to get their money.

Meanwhile, the new deputy town clerk of Kitgum municipality, Mr. Ochan Patrick said his office is working hard to recover the councilors’ wage since the previous town clerk Mr. Okot Morris was using councilors wage to run office equipment like printers, papers without regulating the money that has caused a gap in the Honoria wage payments.

In addition, the municipal Mayor Mr. Ojara Richard Okwera said the total amount needed to recover the money is 8 million Shs, adding that his office will try to lobby funds and pay the councilors.

He however advised the councilors to be patient until the money is realized, and should continue working since the councilors are the strength and pillars of the council.

The Mayor concluded that there are some councilors who did not value their work, “this creates a gap in generating locally raised revenue yet such kind of loopholes are to recover for any shortage that arises”.

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