Mayor bans unwarranted garbage disposal

Michael Lado Allah-Jabu, City Council Mayor

By Bida Elly David

The authority of Juba City Council has banned disposal of garbage by residents and traders along roads, markets and residential areas amid launch of joint garbage collection exercise.

The East Africa Go-Green Company Ltd was recently contracted to lead and carryout garbage collection in Juba.

The order was pronounced yesterday during handing over and confirmation of East Africa Go-Green Company to initiate the collection of garbage within the city.

Speaking to the Media yesterday, the Mayor of Juba City Council Michael Lado Allah-Jabu said anyone found pouring wastes on the roads, in the market places of outside residents will incur punishment with immediate effect of the order.

“From today, no one should dump garbage of any kind to the roads or undesignated garbage points as we are going to collect the garbage from the source in stages as planned, failure to comply with this, drastic measures will be taken against you with serious fines and imprisonment as par Juba City Council By-laws 2013 as amended,” the Mayor said.

“Today we want to declare to all the citizens in Juba that East Africa Go-green Company being one of the national garbage collection companies will be operating in Juba City. They will be starting their garbage collection work tomorrow the 3rd –June-2022.  As they start their work, we urge you as citizens of Juba City to cooperate with them such that they will be able to deliver their services in a good manner,’’ he added.

Allah-Jabu further said that the company will start its work to aid Juba City Council within the scope of the town.

“We have signed a contract with them to help Juba City Council in collecting garbage. The administration of Juba City Council shall be working on other activities not always garbage collection. We are taking this as an initiative that other developing countries do through harmony with companies towards service delivery,” Michael said.

He said the administration of the company shall sit down to decide which rate shall favour the citizens.

“The charges are going to be favourable and affordable by you the citizens. You should not worry since the administration of the City Council shall ensure fair rate in regards to the garbage collection. Our collection shall not be uniform since families are classified into first, second, third and fourth classes respectively and organisations, companies and Embassies shall also carry different charges based on the number of garbage gathered,” he said.

He finally urged the citizens to abide by the pronouncement with immediate effect such that Juba is kept green and clean.

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