Chamber of commerce cautions traders on prices’ manipulation

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

Central Equatoria State Chamber of commerce has cautioned traders within Juba for increasing prices in the market and asked them to stop manipulating to minimize the hiking market prices.

The Chairperson of Chamber of Commerce, Robert Pitiya told media on Thursday that traders should be mindful of maneuvering prices in the market.

Mr. Pitiya said that traders are taking advantage in the market whenever there is increase in hard currency.

“In the markets, traders normally take advantage once there are issues in terms of dollars going up and any other issue like increase in taxes. Our government also contribute to some of this price increase in the market, so un less these things are address clearly and seal the lop holds, so that we provide right policy, so that we can achieve our goal,” he said.

However, he also warned traders from being an honest through changing prices saying it’s an acceptable.

The official said that the traders are not honest, because they take advantage of the situation to make more profit.

He further stated that there is a committee formed and the Minister of finance of Central Equatoria is in charge of the committee, saying the committee will make sure that taxes are reduce.

He said that however much, traders have been manipulating the market he said government also has a hand in the increase of prices.

“Let the central bank start to provides this hard currency to the business people and not the black market. Government to provide security, so we can produce our own food and we also provide for ourselves, so unless we start producing our own otherwise, once there is increase in hard currency, it will also affect the price in the market, because now we are consumers, we depend on the imported commodities,” he said.

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