Residents must pay garbage fee, official says

  East Africa Go-Green Trucks ready for garbage collection – File Photo

By Bida Elly David

Authorities of Juba city council is calling on residents of Juba to pay garbage fees as required by the in-charge body.

The Deputy Mayor for administration said locals, Embassies and other enterprises have no mandate to abstain from paying garbage fees.

The Deputy Mayor for administration, Thiik Thiik Mayardit said there is no compromise or consideration to be given to citizens who believed they cannot pay due to financial crisis.

The authority was cautioned about the amount they can levy on citizens who are unable to raise money for garbage fee amid difficulties in getting bread for their daily life.

Thiik Thiik said, they have noticed that some Embassies and other diplomatic agencies have been exempted from paying services fee to Juba City Council.

He urged the company responsible for garbage collection to strictly followed the ideology of diplomatic consideration to such entities.

“Some of the Embassies in South Sudan especially Juba have been expecting free services from the town council without even paying for it. This idea of giving special consideration to embassies and other diplomatic entities exempting them from paying services is not good. They deserve to be charged upon any service. Since Go-Green will be exercising the garbage collection initiative, these agencies must pay,” he said

However, the acting Chief Executive Officer for the Juba City Council, Taban Charles said residents in Juba should include wastes as part of their struggle.

“If we are to be responsible to clean this city, I think this excuse of being unable is taken into consideration at certain level. As much as you struggle to sustain your life, you must understand that waste management begins from the mind-set. The measure stated clearly that everybody must pay and citizen should not say they don’t have money. They must pay the fees being charges upon the use of services,” he said.

Mr. Taban said in regard to inability of paying garbage fees by citizens, there is hope that they will still pay it some other time, but they should completely not say they won’t pay the fees.

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