South Sudan Islamic Council announces over 600 Pilgrims’ chances of 2022

By Akol Madut Ngong

The South Sudan Islamic Council has announced on Friday, June, 2022 over 600 pilgrims chances of 2022 to Medina Makah in Saudi Arabia for the session of 1443AH.

Addressing the press conference, the Secretary General for South Sudan Islamic Council Dr. Abdallah Barach said, “Saudi Arabia Administration has categories the pilgrims into four level, A, B, C and D and for these categorizes, A is a tourism pilgrims of which we in South Sudan, we are not able to do its”.

“We in South Sudan, the first trip will kick off on 28th/June/2022 from Juba to Medina Makah, Saudi Arabia while the last trip will be on date 17/July/2022 from Saudi to Juba/South Sudan,” Abdallah said.

Abdallah Barach said that, “South Sudanese pilgrims who want to apply special pilgrim which is group (A), ‘you are highly welcome’ we are not closing the gate for level A or B, if you are able to pay a full services of tourism pilgrims, you are welcome while currently, we don’t have marine pilgrims”.

“We were given 1360 base on our population of before but now we have been given only 616 pilgrims for ten states and three Administrative Areas, those who want to apply, they can apply and we want to make this process before Shari Ramadan,” Abdallah said.

However, the Secretary for Information and Electronic Visa Ibrahim Awol said that the purpose is brief Islamic community and general public about the preparation of South Sudan pilgrims’ to highlight demand and condition.

Meanwhile the Executive of Director of South Sudan Islamic Affairs Eliash Chan Gatkuoth said that year pilgrims is has reduce from 2,000,000 to 1,000,000 pilgrims and the world pilgrims also reduce to 50%.

South Sudan has been given 616 pilgrims for the year of 2022 within 1300 from the real quarter for the year 2022.

The pilgrims administrators for South Sudan is 14 and before was 30 administrators and south Sudan supposed to have 630 pilgrims and has divide into three categories, pure South Sudanese, special pilgrims for foreigners who are dwelling in South Sudan and has nullified foreigners except Sudanese who have legal documents of South Sudan.

The pilgrims eligibility beginning from age 18 to 65 years while the below age 18 or above 65 year are not allowed to pilgrim chances also with the health condition for corona vaccine of one dose or three doses certificate and PR including corona test before the period of 72 hours.

If your corona test has reach over 72 hours then automatically, you must have to renewed

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