A country is as free as its people being at peace

Is South Sudan ready to stand alone right now that the aid that was being given in for development is being cut? Probably we knew that this time would come but not this soon and sudden.

This is a question that every citizen should be asking because if the country is 10 years old, it should then be able to try to stand alone, like a new baby who is only learning how to crawl – preparing to stand alone without assistance from the adults.

But as government is calling for an end to corruption; which is supposed to be their responsibility otherwise but apparently it has only come up to their notice that with high level corruption, resources are inefficiently allocated often leading to a lack of funding of essential services and civil servants, the citizens get to eat the carcass.   

What plan does the government have for the time when foreign aid shall only be a sad memory! Because there is donor fatigue – and deep worsening humanitarian needs.

From some government officials, plans including; prioritizing to study, estimate and increase the country’s financial budget and boost food security which is already under attack are a solution.

Concerned persons warned that South Sudan among other African crisis hit countries are being highly neglected from the Ukrainian crisis. This is not a wall for saying what’s so obvious rather obviously!

I hope that the people are now awoken to the daily reality by this fact that at the end of the day, it is up to us to clean our own mess up – the hungers, deaths, inflation, civil wars and conflicts, corruption, long spells of droughts, flash floods; from climate change. These are all avoidable problems really. For starters, the government can commit to steady funding flows, ensuring countrywide security,  

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