Government pleas to NGO for farming tools, not ready food

Dr. James Wani Igga, Vice President for Economic Cluster-File Photo

By Bida Elly David

The Vice President for Economic Cluster has admonished Food and Agricultural Organisation to provide farming tools to farmers in order to boost agricultural production to the next level rather than providing ready food for the citizens.

This development arose following the inauguration of the new office for Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) in Juba.

Recently, findings from the World Bank Stated that South Sudan statistical analysis in regards to humanitarian crisis reads 8.9 Million domiciles in desperate demand of humanitarian aid with a total increase of 600,000 in the past years. The report also stated the jeopardy of the situation through continuous displacement of citizens, inter-communal violence, and diseases among others.

Communicating during the inauguration ceremony last week, James Wani Igga, the Vice President for Economic Cluster underscored necessity to shift humanitarian aid into progressive programs that could boost the economic sector from recession since high dependence on humanitarian assistance declined.

‘’I want to assure you that it is now a real tense to shift from humanitarian aids to developmental activities. We need to lessen the humanitarian assistance from our partners, the international organisations by urging them to surely provide tools to boost agricultural activities instead of being highly dependent.  Availability of development activities is a fundamental segment to civil happiness’’ he said.

Furthermore, Wani Igga underscored that provision of agricultural tools such as hoes to boost farming in the country should be one of the demands citizens must be enthusiastic for instead of being receptive on humanitarian.

“South Sudan has got good infrastructure, schools, and hospitals among others. Why do we carry the initiative to lift arms and fight one another instead of developing the country’s economy? It is crucial to have developmental tools such as agricultural equipment rather than being dependent on ready-made food. It is not an obligation but a responsibility to each and every citizen in the country’’ Wani underscored.

At the same note, Wani pointed out that too much dependence on humanitarian aids; laziness and self-interest were key factors that have contributed to the continuous economic recession of the country.

“South Sudan’s economy would have boosted if we don’t focus much of humanitarian aids from Relief Organisation. Laziness and self-interest have hindered most developmental activities since many want free things’’ said Dr. Wani Igga.

However, VP Wani urged the citizens of South Sudan to fully join hands and embark much on agricultural activities to boost the country’s economy in order to improve their standards of living.

“My message to my people is that people should hold hoes and cultivate instead of waiting for spoons to be put in their mouths. Too much dependence will create laziness and we shall face challenges once our relief partners leave us. Instead of providing us with food, they should provide us with hoes to produce our own food for improving our living standard’’ he echoed.

Wani finally requested citizens to collaborate with their government towards promoting economic development and development economics for better growth.

On his part, Mesach Malo, the South Sudan’s Country Director for FAO said that South Sudan’s economy would only restore if peace prevailed.

“South Sudan can only produce her own food if peace is realised all segments and we and the government have made efforts to ensure improvement of food production by far in the country in years to come. Peace is the only way to realize development in every country’’ Mesach said.

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