Clerics fought over church collection and tithes

By Bida Elly David

Two clerics from Presbyterian church on Sunday brutally fought after a thorough disagreement over Sundays’ collections and Monthly tithe contributions by congregation.

Speaking to No.1. Citizen Daily Newspaper, one of the congregants in the same church at Jebel Dinka branch Andreas Gatluak said that the fight emerged between the pastor in charge and an evangelist.

He stated that, it was the first to time receive a spiritual detention by the faithful after he was caught taking pictures of the incident.

Mr. Andreas said that one of the pastors who started the fight served as a government official. He sated that the same pastor is a lawyer by profession and an evangelist – served as an employee in certain company.

He added that the disagreement between the pastor and the evangelist has been an on-going phenomenon regarding the church’s bank savings as well as the Sunday collections.

Andreas underscored that according to reports from some members of the congregation, the pastor and the evangelist have participated in sharing part and partial of the collections and due to that, God planted disagreement among themselves for the exposure of their sinful act to the faithful.

“The pastor is lawyer, a government official currently while the evangelist works for a certain company. You know very well that our people especially my community believe in violence’’ he said.

However, Andreas stated that the fight was culminated by the congregation who believed that the two had contributed to the down fall of the church. When the congregation saw the pastor and the evangelist fighting, some of them burst into tears.

He said a certain old man among the believers tried to separate them but unfortunately he was brutally kicked down the floor and fainted but good enough, the congregation hurriedly picked from the floor putting him aside to take enough rest. The old man serves as a head of elders in the church that branch.

He pointed out that he regretted seeing men of God exchanging blows and threatening to kill one another.

Andreas echoed that his detention upon taking the photos was a clear indication that most Churches have been politically motivated in South Sudan.

“Honestly I was detained as if the church of God is police custody. I thought I went there to serve my God but to my surprise I saw hostile military religious men for the first time. It is better to worship your God secretly instead of witnessing rubbish in Church for the destruction of mankind. From today on, I will only serve my God as an individual instead of being humiliated in my father’s house,’’ Andreas said.

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