Mayen slams Kenyan gov’t for torturing his deported children

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, Peter Mayen Majongdit has slammed Kenyan authority and accused them for torturing his recently deported 14 kids.

Majongdit’s child is among the fourteen children who were recently deported by Kenyan government and were received by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Deng Dau at Juba international airport.

On Thursday last week, Kenyan authority deported 14 children including seven boys and seven girls.

In March, Kenyan police had opened a case and investigated Santos Machok Majongdit a brother to minister peter Mayen and one official at South Sudan Embassy in Kenya suspecting them of child trafficking.

According to Kenya Media, the children were allegedly renting an apartment in Nairobi without a caretaker prompting authorities to suspect child trafficking.

The Minister Majongdit criticized Kenyan DCI – Department Criminal investigation for punishing the children before they were deported back to South Sudan.

In an inclusive interview with No.1 Citizens Newspaper, Mayen narrated that his Children had Diplomatic Passports saying they deserve Diplomatic immunity as sons and daughters of National Ministers.

Mayen said that he rented a house worst 300, 000 Kenya shilling to accommodate the children

“They were taken to a house which I rented for them from Kenyan Landlady call Maria Ntalami I paid KSh 300,000 as initial payment for children to temporarily stay in,” he stated.

‘Kenyan police in Kilimani arrested my children in residence house at 12:20 am midnight despite the diplomatic status, the embassy and caretaker of children were threatened by Kenyan Police (DCI) and Kenyan media (K24) issued statements that there was child trafficking against caretaker of children Eng. Santos Machok and Hon. Minister Peter Mayen,” he added. 

However, Mayen said that the DCI allegedly requested an amount of 100,000 USD from him or his children will be taken to the children rescue center.

“After reaching out to relevance authority, the DCI request a ransom of 100,000 USD or my children were to be taken to Children Rescue Center and Court of Law and asking me as National Minister in Republic of South Sudan to go to Kenya and settle the issue amicable with the Kenya DCI by paying 100,000 USD to redeem my children,” Mayen said.

He said that he rejected the idea, and there after his children were taken to children rescue center (Mogra in Kiambu) and later forced to test for DNA without his concern as a father. “My children were threatened, mistreated, beaten and tortured by DCI of Kenya.”

Mayen angrily said that he has never seen this kind of mistreatment which South Sudanese are undergoing in Kenya.

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