Company to establish mosquito management project

Group photo Go-Green and City Council officials -File Photo

By Bida Elly David

East African Go-Green Company is set to establish additional project on mosquito management in Juba City aimed at mitigating the rampant malaria and typhoid cases in the town.

This development came following the latest move upon the launch of garbage collection project in Juba last week between the city council and the East African Go-Green Company

Last week, the authority of Juba City Council in conjunction with East African Go-Green Company officially launched the beginning of Garbage Collection Project in Juba with its immediate commencement.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper over the weekend, Victor Wurda Lotombek, a senior consultant and an advisor for Go-Green Company said that the upcoming mosquito project was initiated due to the rampant malaria cases in Juba.

“We have come to notice that malaria and typhoid cases have the most disturbing cases in the city. Almost each and every one complains about this. If you carry your hospital research, it will come to your notice that 90% of medical cases are for malaria and typhoid, for this reason, we are going to start this project to ensure that our inhabitants in Juba are set free from malaria and typhoid’’ Victor said

Victor further reiterated that the project would materialize only and only if the citizens and government cooperate with them to the best of their level.

He added that the garbage collection project was a start of their projects that would orient the citizens on the services that the company would be rendering.

“There are two things we are demanding, firstly, we need total cooperation from South Sudanese especially those living in Juba and complete provision of security by the government since we shall be undergoing threats from some people who may not be enthusiastic on our services and charges that may come due to the initiative in Juba” Victor explained.

However, Victor appreciated the authority of the City Council headed by the Mayor for having collaborated with them in their activities.

“I thank the administration of the City Council for having taken a significant initiative to work with us. I need the authority to promote cleaning awareness where citizens will generally assemble to collect all the city garbage and pile them in one place. With this, we shall realize that the city will be clean and appreciated by outsiders and medical complications especially malaria and typhoid that emerge as a results of stagnant water will reduce’’ he said.

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