Over 40 South Sudanese receive computer coding skills in Juba

A group photo of the participants, tutors (Photo credit Emma Chris)

By Ephraim Modi D.S

At least 40 young South Sudanese have acquired skills on computer coding in a recently concluded computer training program that aimed at empowering them to participate in coordinated science events across the continent using transformative power of science and technology to promote the Sustainable Development Goals.

The program (Coding Mentorship) which was initiated by Next Einstein Forum (NEF), and supported by African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in partnership with local organization KONETA hub and Christian hub concluded on Monday with 40 participants equipped with computer coding skills.

The program was aimed at promoting discovery of science and technology in Africa, globally, encourage youths, women, refugees, disabilities and other marginalized groups to participate in coordinated science events across the continent using transforming power of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to propel achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper in Juba, the Ambassador for NEF Emmanuel Soulo stated that the program is to certify that partakers learn elementary skills on how to generate mainframe curricula.

“It is enabling all people to learn the basics of (on) how to code because coding now is connected to everything, so as we know Java enable developers to create software in the whole world and on the modern applications as a pillar to reverse,” Soulo Explained.

“We are looking for a group of people that can run applications like any other application, …we are trying to develop people so that they can (be) able to code programs and run this program,” he added.

Soulo also added that 43 participants contributed materially and 10 contributed electronically. Adding that the selection criteria to enroll to the program is upon willingness which is publicly posted on many social media platforms which KONETA hub had shared including several other outlets.

Meanwhile, the Program officer for KONETA hub Christine Keji acknowledged that their directive is to reassure initiatives that elevate youths on digital world and to provide necessities that enables success of programs. She further praised and called on the partakers to drill deep.

“We do more of the empowerment on technology, we encourage young people to learn more about technology, things to do with digital rights because this where the world is leading us. We also support, facilities like the provision of the space to see that the activities come in progress and some of the activity that are required like the laptops and other equipment,” Keji clarified to this reporter their position in the mentorship.

“We are so grateful for this opportunity to the young people and my encouragement to the participant is to put into practice (on) whatever knowledge they have got and to make google as their friends so that they learn more and to equip themselves more,” Keji appealed to the participants.

The founder and Lead Mentor of Coding Mentorship Program (CMP) also explained the context of the training and appealed to partners to support the initiative, he also shade light on how trainees were able to catch up in the mentorship which appeared to be their first time on practical.

“Those who study here, whether they are graduate or they are still students, are technically equipped so that they will be able to impact their society. We are looking forward to running this kind of programs in partnership with any other organization that is ready to invest and get involved in the area of technology in South Sudan.

The Lead Mentor said he tried his best to mentor the young people out of his knowledge and discovered that most of the participants in the country have no background in the field of coding, adding that most of them are not taken through the theory which made it hard to take them through the concepts in Java programing language.

Anna Maneno, one of the beneficiaries of the Coding program who was fascinated at the onset commended the initiative that at last she was able to learn some essentials that would prepare her to generate an influence in the digital world.

“In the process I got to learn, I came to realize that majority of us South Sudanese, we are more of consuming than giving the solutions, I was able to solute the issue like name the simple way on how to make programs, how to come about and I was wondering how applications were literally made but I realized it’s through the coding or this program I was able to learn that when you put your interest in something, I can be able to get (create) an app and installed and maybe mobilize people to get to know” Maneno confessed told this reporter.

Frank Mayen and Lem Monyber Piot, members of the five days training on computer coding program among others also appreciated the organizers and its partners for giving the avenue to train youths in the country on fundamental digital globe.