WBS Governor travels by motorbike to Timsah

Western Bahr el Gazal Governor Sarah Cleto Rial travels by Motorbike to Timsah

By Ngor Deng Matem

Governor of Western Bahr el Ghazal state Sarah Cleto Rial has traveled to Timsah by Motorbike.

Governor Sarah among other government officials in particular the minister of Local Government used the motor bikes to ease their movement because of poor road.

“I visited Timsah, Raja County, again to check on the civilians. I was there in March, just three months ago.  Timsah is a border area with Sudan and that also hosts nomad tribes of Rizeigat, Falata, and Habania.  As the cattle movement season ends, it was necessary to visit the area and ensure that the nomads are returning to their areas safely.  Happy to report the civilians are living together in harmony with no reported concerns,” she said.

Sarah further acknowledged the need of basic services in the areas.

“There are high needs for service delivery particularly on health, education, communication network, and good roads. The only military vehicle we used in our previous visit needs repair.  Riding the motorbikes was fantastic,” she stated.

Motorbike convoy of Governor Sarah visits Timsah, Raja County

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