Women leaders demand sentencing of Gumbo’s rape perpetrators

Women leaders and civil society organization raise alarm demanding immediate sentencing of rape perpetrators (Photo: Taban Henry)

By Taban Henry

Women leaders and members of civil society organizations are calling for immediate sentencing of a rape perpetrator who reportedly raped and hanged a girl in Juba’s Gumbo Sherikat neighborhood recently.

The demands for justice to the raped, killed girl emerged on Tuesday as women leaders and the civil society organizations raised an alarm demanding immediate trail of the recent cases of gang rape in the country.

In their statement to the media, Lona James Elia the Executive Director for the Voice of Change who talked on behalf of the women leaders said they are alarmed by the rampant cases of gang rape and sexual abuse of women and girls in the capital city, Juba.

She said that no prompt justice has been served to the victims of recent sexual violence and rape in Juba.

“Having witnessed the recent barbaric act of rape and killing of a teenager in Gumbo Sherikhat who was gang raped on the 1st of June and hanged to death by the perpetrator, cognizant of the rights of children and women under the bill of rights of our Transitional Constitution, 2011 as amended on right of the child, right to life, dignity and protection by law; the Child Act 2009; and Section 247 (2) of the Penal Code Act 2008 on the illegality of having sex with a minor. We are aware that South Sudan has the international and regional obligations to protect women and children against sexual violence, torture and other in human degrading treatment, little knowledge has been put on it,” she said.

Lona however said they demand immediate justice for the survivor and hanging of the rapist to save the women and girls.

She commended the efforts made by the government, UN agencies, international partners, Non-Governmental organizations, women groups and the civil society for working hard on the prevention of sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) including rape.

“I applaud the High Court in Aweil for setting the precedent of free and fair trail of the rape case of a teenager saying the sentenced levied therein such as death sentence,” she added.

The Executive Director for the Voice for Change called on the police authorities in Central Equatoria State to immediately bring the perpetrators of the recent Gumbo Sherikhat’s case to justice adding that the perpetrators are to be sentenced for the cruel act.

“We call upon the minister of Interior, National Security and the minister of Defense and veteran Affairs to improve security throughout Juba and it’s surrounding as the national capital and ensure safety of citizens, women and girls,” Lona stated.

She further called on the Ministry of Gender Child and Social Welfare and Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs to immediately table before the Reconstituted Transitional National Legislative Assembly gender bills for adoption saying the government has to ratify the Maputo protocol.

She urged the Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare to embark on massive nationwide campaign against SGBV and women’s rights promotion throughout the country.

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