Governor Adil directs Commissioners to deliver services to citizens

Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony during opening session of Commissioner’s and Mayor’s forum in Juba {photo by Matia Samuel Timatio}

By Matia Samuel Timatio

The Governor of Central Equatoria State Emmanuel Adil Anthony has directed the Commissioners of the six counties in Central Equatoria State to administratively perform their duties well to meet the citizens’ expectations and aspirations of better services delivery.

Governor Adil gave his directives to the Counties Commissioners and town mayors in the State while speaking at the opening of three days second Commissioners’ and Mayors’ forum in Juba organized by the Ministry of Local Government and Law Enforcement Agency.

The Forum brought together the six counties commissioners and town mayors plus their deputies including State Ministers.

The forum is aimed at discussing issues affecting Central Equatoria State, pertaining to the economy and the security among others.

Addressing the Commissioners’ and Mayors’ Forum during its opening Governor Emmanuel Adil urged the commissioners to embark on well-drafted evidence based and participatory planning process by involving all the stakeholders to create sense of belonging and ownership.

“Such plans should be associated to the State key priorities on the six Peace and development pillars which include sustainable peace and security stabilization by reconciliation and healing, dialogue with non-signatories to the revitalized peace agreement. Economy recovery through increased production   in agriculture which is to promote agriculture and make economic activity in the state” Adil remarked.

He said staying in peace and harmony with the neighbors both internally or externally is the key to good neighborliness.

“The relationships can be promoted through cultural activities, inter border trade and security to enhance confidence for free movement of people and goods. Good neighborliness also helps mitigate tendencies for territorial encroachments and interferences into the internal affairs of our neighbors, therefore all our county administrations particularly those bordering foreign countries and other States of our country should ensure good relations are maintained but in case of problem dialogue and constructive engagement should be pursued”.  He stressed.

He pointed the need of improving the well-being of the citizens through provision of sufficient and effective delivery of social services to the citizens of the State which should be one of the top priorities that each of the government levels must strive to achieve through rehabilitation of road networks, to facilitate the provision of health, education, water and sanitation infrastructure to improve the living conditions of the citizens.

He directed the commissioners and Mayor of Juba city to continue implementing the order of the president on cattle evacuation from Equatoria region to their places of origin.

“ In regards of the threat of cattle roaming around the Bushes and urban centers, I direct all the commissioners and the Mayor of Juba City to continue pursuing the implementation of the order of H.E president of the Republic regarding the repatriation of roaming cattle around the State to their State of origin so that the farmers’ communities can be massively encourage to engage in farming, so I therefore direct all of you to campaign for agricultural production across the state” the governor ordered.

He further urged the commissioners to strengthen the local government especially the customary and tradition authorities in resolving disputes in the communities saying it’s the sole responsibility to enhance the unity of the people of the State through peace and reconciliations.

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