Wildlife Recruitment to be Secondary leaving and above

By Akol Madut Ngong

The ministry of wildlife conservation service and Tourism should be secondary leaving and above to pursue the work of wildlife in the country.

The MP Representing SPLM Gogrial East County of Warrap state Salva Mathok Gendit said “the ministry of wildlife conservation and Tourism shouldn’t be a place for accommodation, it should be an area that necessary need a qualified people at least he/she should be senior secondary school certificate up to university degree and this are the term that the ministry have to focus on the area of recruitment and he or she should at age 17 year and above.

The most other challenges is an over establishment, structure are done then coming to your establishment and it is very that the ministry must find out the way to determine the size of the powers of the wildlife which can defense our animals in this country.

This size, it should consider over establishment, should also consider the training definitely without money you cannot do the training and before independence most of wildlife were being traing in Tanzania.

Meanwhile the National Minister of wildlife Rizik Zackeria Hassen said, South Sudan have six national park, Mimulee, Buma, Badingolong, Chamnee, Severen national park and Lonototo beside Congo and twelve Game Reserve, Juba Games Reserve, Kadipoo in Eastern Equatoria, Western Equatoria we have three, Biruzunga, Birupabuoo and Panyagai and in Barh el gazal we have Machara in Warrap state, Achana in Northern Barh el gazal and Chiel-Kou while in Western Barh el gazal we have Nangocino and Boro while in Upper Nile we have Panyinykang and Giraffe those are the twelve Games Reserve.

“We are assuming to be the largest at the global level” but what matter is about the promotion, about peace and stability, if we struggle and apply over between Gadiang and Akobo, we have seen them, they are in million, we have the richness but matter of peace in our country,” Zackeria said.

“We have fully observe, some of you spoke more saying that let us support the ministry of wildlife conservation service and really we have richness in the country.

The whole budget that the ministry have develop is one hundred thirty five million (135 million USD) that to put wildlife fully into operation beginning to infrastructure, wildlife and Tourism is a sustainable.

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