Governor Monytuil snubs summon, Council of States in dilemma

By Akol Madut Ngong

The Council of States are in dilemma as Unity State governor Joseph Monytuil Wejang has dishonored and snubbed their summon over persistent insecurity in Leer County.

The Council of State have summoned Governor Monytuil three times and he did ignore it, by only writing a letter saying he is unable to appear to the august house.

The Council of State Acting Speaker, Mary Ayen Majok in their ordinary sitting number 8/2022 said the governor have written a letter of abstinence on 2nd June, 2022.

She said a letter directed to the speaker Deng Deng Akoon reads, “Right Honorable Speaker in response to the letter No/RSS/CS/OS6J/dated first of June/2022 summoning my appearance before the council on 7th/June/2022, it is my apology to inform your leadership that I will not make it to appear before the August house as schedule dated reason being that I’m waiting the arrival of the committee which was formed by H.E. the president to investigate the general security situation in unity.” The Governor letter addressed to the Council Speaker read partly

“Therefore, my appearance to the August house on the 7th/June/2022 will not be possible for now as I’m expecting the arrival of the committee,” Manytuil added in the statement.

Right Honorable Speaker, I avail myself for this opportunity to renew to you the assurance of my higher consideration” signed Hon. Lt. General, Dr. Joseph Monytuil Wejang, Governor Unity State/Bentiu.

Meanwhile reacting to the Governor’s absentia, Riaw Gatlier Gai a member at the Council of State said it’s now for the third time that the Governor of Unity State, did not respond to the Council of States summon, responding with no concrete replies of excuse.

“Are we waiting to continue requesting the governor and provide us with open dated communication that we don’t know when the governor is coming while our people continue suffer, from continuous attacks, and be killed” he wondered. Adding that since then, “there is continue timely and seriously attack from Koch, from Mayendit County, where attack are ongoing.

What is the Council of State decide on that? What are we going to decide on government official? When the council of state decide that particular issue? I was about to rise so that the members should elevate on this points, “Representation is about our people,” it is not suffering, because our people will think ours summon are being decide by government, Gatlier stressed.

However, a Lawmaker representing, Yambio County of Western Equatoria state on SPLM-IO docket, Hon. Rev. Judith Ruben said, “We have signed an agreement to bring an end to suffering of the people of this country but yes the killing of our people continue, why? He questioned.

“It is very unfortunate that we don’t want to take the responsibility of our people, only depending cantonment, cantonment side, let us be realistic, this is our people and government one day will ask about the responsibility that he give us to protect the life of the people of South Sudan, she stated.

The governor of Unity State, “We have summon him three time and he keeps sound turning up letter excuse here and there, my question is, who is above the law? Who is to make decision in this country? Is it not this parliament? Judith said.

 “If anything to do in the parliament and the summon conceal in the parliament, if there is law in regard to that, we have to implement that law so that people come and know that we are here for the betterment of this country.”   Rev. Judith reiterated.

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