Auditor General floods parliament with thousands of reports

Assist. Audit Manager, Selfador Lado Alfeo handing over copies of the audit reports to R-TNLA Clerk, Makuc Ngong (photo William Madouk Garang)

By William Madouk Garang

The Auditor General of the National Audit Chamber has flooded the Reconstituted Transitional National Legislative Assembly (R-TNLA) with over 6,000 copies of audit reports that the national assembly should pay attention to as demanded by law.

On Friday a team of officials from the National Audit Chamber dashed to the national assembly where they delivered accrued audited reports covering top government institutions with others dating back to pre-independence era.

Auditor-General, Stephen Wondu noted that political crisis which erupted in 2013 and and 2016 which paralyzed that legislature at some point led the audited reports to remain at Audit Chamber’s custody for years. 

The Auditor General surrendered at least 6,300 copies of audit reports and strategic policy documents a burden that the august house would have to now scrutinize to bring sanity to the public sector accountability management.

Among the list of audit reports delivered to the parliament, totaling to 6,300 copies of books included; Bank of South Sudan Reports 2016 – 2020, Ministry of Petroleum Local Content Reports 2012 – 2014 and Constituency Development Funds 2007 – 2011.

It also included; Performance Audit of Juba City Council 2014 – 2017, performance of Juba Teaching Hospital 2012 – 2015, National Audit Chamber Activity Report 2005 – 2018, and Ministry of Finance Integrated Financial Management Information System Report (IFMIS) 2014 – 2015.

Speaking after the handover, Auditor-General, Wondu said as for formalities, laws require them to submit the audit reports to the President and the August House to take necessary action.   

“So, the office of the President has received the reports, (and) parliament has received these reports today (Friday),” Wondu affirmed.

“We provided audit reports from 2016 to 2020 for the bank of South Sudan, we also provided audit reports of other institutions; the performance report of Juba Teaching Hospital, we had also the Ministry of Finance integrated management system audit report,” he outlined.

The Auditor-General added that among the reports presented are the Constituency Development Funds report, the Ministry of Petroleum report, Ivory Bank reports and performance audit of Juba City Council.

Mr. Wondu underlined that they didn’t receive any consolidated financial reports of the national government; as such it was not among those audit reports that were given to the parliament. 

“In total, the number of books is 6,300, which I hope will be distributed to the members of parliament so that they can study, read and they can do whatever their mandates require them to do,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the Clerk of R-TNLA, Makuc Makuc Ngong who received the audit reports on behalf of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly, said they would set a sitting in the near future for the reports to be tabled before members of the parliament.

“I want to confirm to the people of South Sudan, the entire Transitional government of South Sudan, the Council of Ministers and Transitional National Legislature that I have received several copies of audit from the Auditor General,” Ngong confirmed to the press.

“We will schedule sitting for these reports to be tabled before the house as quick as possible,” he promised.  

The National Audit Chamber (NAC) also provided the leadership of parliament with copies of audit manuals and strategies which are; NAC Financial Audit manual 2020, NAC compliance Audit manual 2021, NAC strategic plan 2019 – 2022 among others.

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