Minister of Local Government warns civil servants to desist politics

Moro Isaac Jenesio, Central Equatoria State Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement Agency

By Ephraim Modi D.S

The Central Equatoria State’s Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement Agencies, Moro Isaac Jenesio has urged all civil servants in the State to desist from attaching themselves to any political party.

The State minister issued his kind of warning statement while addressing participants at the conclusion of three days Commissioner’s and Mayor’s Forum on Friday in Juba.

He echoed his concern during a discussion on mobility issues of civil servants in Central Equatoria saying the system of civil servants does not stretch mandate to get involved in politics of the country.

“All civil servants must desist from politics. Once you have entered the civil servants, you are not a politician,” Moro cautioned.

The Minister of Local Government said he was shocked when some of the chiefs were emphasizing on matters to do with elections which is not in line with what they are being mandated to, which shows a sign that they are already allied to politics.

“Am surprised, some chiefs were raising issues to do with elections here which mean they are already politicians,” he said.

 “Even Administrators were not raising issues to do with elections” he added.

Moro proclaimed that from their statement, there will be a wrong signal that civil servants will want to be recognized to show out to politicians during times of elections.

“I know, what I deduced from their statement is that, they will show the politicians when it comes to the time of elections. The politicians will know that they are the kings and queens of their territories,” he asserted.

The Minister earlier stressed that the involvement and benefits of civil servants come with accountability which commands a removal from system if any civil servant is affiliated to a political party in this case.

Minister Moro said civil servants are only mandated to serve the people in the community and disperse dues into politics.

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