SSPDF, SPLA-IO agree to conduct joint patrols in Torit

By Ijoo Bosco

South Sudan People’s Defense Forces and Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition have agreed to have joint patrol in Torit after being summoned by the State Governor Louis Lobong Lojore on Friday.

The press secretary in the office of the governor Aliandro Lotok told the media that, the state governor called on the two army leadership in order to address persistent issue of security in the town and beyond.

Aliandro Lotok also said, the governor is urging the armed leadership of SSPDF and that of SPLA-IO forces based at Irube cantonment site to share issues of common interest that promote unity, peace and security of the state.

Mr. Lotok added that, the two forces were also encouraged to join hands in addressing some of the security threats in the state.

’’These forces can join hands together and address some of the security threat in the state by both the leadership of division seven and SPLA-IO leadership at Irube cantonment site”.

 He further said, the SSPDF expressed readiness to maintain peace and to cooperate with their brothers in the SPLA-IO section and to make sure the tranquility and total peace to prevail in Eastern Equatoria state and general Patrick Otii was also able to expressed his readiness to cooperate with the SSPDF and other organized forces.

He also said there is need for them to work together as a team in order to build trust and confidents to the people of in the state and also to allow the people to interact and move normally in carrying out their activities without any problem.

Lotok reiterated that, Mr. Louis Lobong encouraged the two generals to sensitize their forces to work for promotion of security and peaceful coexistence of the state community.

He said that, the messages were both received very well by the leadership of both SSPDF division seven and SPLA-IO leadership at Irube cantonment site.

He said the governor was able to interact and pass the message of peace to both the SSPDF and SPLA IO citing that, “look we should make Eastern Equatoria State a better and peaceful state so that our people can go freely to their farms without any interference of unknown so the that they feel they are enjoying a true peace in the state”.

General Patrick Ohide was very particular on his side that, he is going to cooperate with SSPDF and all other organized forces to work together and build harmony, trust and confidence among the forces.

He also said they are going to engage the civil population in Eastern Equatoria state to interact amongst themselves knowing that there is no any hidden problem between the two forces.

“General Patrick said that, he is ready to cooperate with the SSPDF and all other organized forces to build trust and confident among the forces and also to allow the people of Eastern Equatoria enjoy peace fruits”.

He also acknowledged to the State’s leadership and its people that, they will be able to share vital information with their counterparts as they all commit themselves to serve the people of this state as brothers and sisters to make peace prevail in all part of this state.

However, Aliandro Lotok acknowledge that, the messages to the two Command leadership were taken clearly and they are call to work together built trust and confident and share information between themselves to provide peace security in the state.

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