Let’s prioritize agriculture to halt foreign dependence-Finance Minister

Agak Achuil Lual, the National Minister of Finance and Planning-File Photo

By Bida Elly David

The National Minister of Finance and Planning has said that South Sudan’s economy can be restored by promoting domestic production taking agricultural sector as a major priority to mitigate import dependence.

This came following the recent launch of community silence programme by the World Bank in collaboration with the government of South Sudan.

Over the past years, South Sudan’s economy has been faced by number of issues that resulted into constant recession by decline in production factored by high taxes, insecurity, and monopoly among many others.

Speaking during the event, Agak Achuil Lual the National Minister of Finance and Planning highlighted the need to expand the economy of South Sudan by boosting domestic production through agricultural subsidies.

He underscored that agricultural maximization was the only remedy to restore the country’s economy from continuous recession and degradation to pave way for price stability in the market.

“We need to make accurate use of our available resources in order to have growth in our economy. Through positive utilisation of the available resources carefully, we shall be able to realize constant economic growth in the country. For the country to have a stable economy, there is need to ensure that domestic production is prioritised through agricultural production’’ Agak emphasized.

Minister Agak underscored that the constant market instability through inflation occur due to the country’s dependence on imports instead of promoting domestic production.

“What we produce is always the first priority to imports. The reason why the economy remains recessed is due to much concentration on imports instead of boosting agricultural activities in the country. It is the mandate of the government in collaboration with its citizens to ensure domestic production as a first priority in all then economic progress will be realized’’ Agak asserted.

He said that diversification of the economy with agricultural projects would restore the economy from constant recession.

“There is also need to invest in the mining sector to produce more gold despite the fact that it is being stolen’’ he further appealed.

However, the minister urged the citizens to kindly cooperate with the government towards developing the country through agricultural production.

“We need to work in harmony towards promoting the country’s economy. This can happen if the citizens and the government collaborate to promote agricultural production’’ he echoed.

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