One girl shot death another wounded in Leer County

By Yien Gattuor Mead

A girl had been confirmed shot death and another girl wounded in Leer County of Unity State, Sunday night, at the same time by armed youth allegedly from Mayiandit County after three of the perpetrators were arrested by security personnel. 

The commissioner of Leer County Stephen Taker Riak confirmed the incident to No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on Monday morning the 13th of June 2022.

Commissioner Taker said the authorities in Leer County have arrested three people in connection to the killing of young girl and the wounded.

He said the criminals shot the two young girls last night in Leer County where one of the teenage girls died on spot while one that sustained gunshot wound is now under treatment in Leer County main hospital.  The Leer County Commissioner alleged that the attacker organized themselves in group from Mayiandit County where they launched the attack in Leer town on last on Sunday night.

Taker said there is one of the guys called Bill from Mayiandit County they came to Leer town in year 2020 July because of the flooding that submerged all the area across unity state he said also people from Mayiandit county I treated them like my people of leer county I don’t even know the different of them they are one people and blood. 

“The best way is conference within Leer County and after that the armed youths from Mayiandit County can have big conference that can bring our citizens together not supported cattle raiding with getting nothing from it” he said.

Stephen Taker lauded the Executive Director and Acting Commissioner of Leer County Pual Kuong for arresting the three armed youth (raiders) saying that will send out a strong message to the other raiders that will scare them if the arrested are brought to face the law. 

He said after they have finished with the commissioners’ they will meet the Governor of Unity State Dr. Joseph Manytuil to address the security issues that are affecting the civilians in the State in order to for people have space for Peace, harmony and also unity. 

Meanwhile the Commissioner of Mayiandit County Dr. Gatluak Nyang said the armed youth who raided cattle from Leer town are from Mayiandit County; but described them as criminals adding that it’s good the culprits had been arrested by authorities in Leer County.

 He affirmed that they will keep close communication with the authorities in Leer County and if there is anything that happen they will work together hand in hand as government authorities to hand any matter that might arise. 

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