Aguok Community warns against unlawful soliciting of money

Chairman of Aguok Community, Kiir Gai Thiep, and Chairman of Aguok Community (Photo: courtesy)

By William Madouk Garang

The Chairman of Aguok Community Association, Kiir Gai Thiep has warned his community and the entire public against ‘scam project’ initiated by some crooks shamming in the name community to solicit money from innocent people.

Mr. Thiep revealed that his office has recently learned of a segment from the Aguok Community illegally formed organization under the name of Aguok-Kuei Community Conference Committee (AKCCC) and lobbying for funds.

In a press statement obtained by No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, Thiep said the group in question established AKCCC without their consent and hence urged them to instantly stop their illicit activities.

“The group has structured its leadership, produced stamps and letter heads and they have been operating in the name of Aguok Community without the knowledge of the chairperson,” Thiep disclosed in the press statement dated 13th June, 2022.

“Therefore, the office of executive committee strongly urged the group to cease their activities upon receiving this notice and deposit the stamp and sum of money illegally collected from members of Aguok Community to the office of Chairperson,” he demanded.

He further cautioned the group that failure to do what is demanded of them, they would be left with no option but to take legal procedures against the illegitimate group.

“On the other hand, the office of Aguok Community Association wishes to clearly inform the public in general and the members of Aguok community in particular to disassociate themselves from the illegal group that resorted to unjustly and illegally collect money from members of Aguok community for unknown purpose,” Thiep advised.

He condemned the group on behalf of general assembly of Aguok Community adding that their dealings are mounted unlawfully and unrightfully seizing community entrusted to the elected chairperson and the entire community.

However, the said illegitimate Aguok-Kuei Community Conference Committee accused of soliciting funds for unclear use is yet to comment on the accusations levied against them.

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