Catholic Church consoles Governor Lobong on fire incident

Eastern Equatoria State Governor Louis Lobong Lojore (Photo: Ijoo Bosco)

By: Ijoo Bosco

The leadership of the Catholic Diocese of Torit led by the Vicar General John Sebit paid a courtesy visit to the governor of Eastern Equatoria State and delivered a message of sympathy and solidarity to the Governor Louis Lobong on the recent fire incident that gutted down the State Secretariat General.

 Governor Lobong commended the church leaders for their courtesy visit and encouraged them to pray for a continued peace and stability in the State.

He noted that, they are still investigating the incident to find out the cause of the incident.

“We have lost very important documents since the establishment of Eastern Equatoria State. This is a lesson learned, we may now think of storing our files in soft copies, or electronic storage of documents,” the Governor said.

Governor Lobong hinted that he wanted to build a stable State and hand over to an upcoming leaders in good shape, saying his focus now is to raise funds to renovate the building and to make it better than before.

Mr. Lobong also appealed to the church to continuously pray for him and the entire administration to be able to lead Eastern Equatoria State until the time he will hand it over to someone in the coming period.

The Governor also strongly stated the government’s relationship with the Church is that they are serving the same people.

Lobong urged the church to build school’s to transform the minds of the people, the government believed that the petty crimes that are taking place in the society are because of lack of proper education.

“We need to shift our focus to improving education, our priest can as well go and teach in schools and be given allowance to improve the quality of education,” Lobong noted.

He further urged the church to increase the number of school in the State to instill discipline in their people.

Meanwhile, the Vicar General of the Catholic Diocese of Torit John Debit conveyed his message of sympathy in solidarity with the governor over the recent fire incident that burnt the state secretariat General building.

The John regretted the incident that destroyed all the archives of the State as he encouraged the governor to put it in prayers.

He acknowledged that, they will keep on praying as a church in order for more blessing of peace and stability to be poured in to the State and its leadership.

He also added that, they will extend the Governor’s pledge to the Archbishop for the Church contribution towards the renovation of the State Secretariat General building as requested by the State leadership.

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