Health Link vows to save lives

A group photo of a team from IOM, Health Link and beneficiaries. (Photo credit; Grace Tarakpwe) (Photo credit; Courtesy)

By Ephraim Modi D.S

The Project Coordinator for the emergency response program Ochaya Emmanuel said Health Link is dedicated to respond to live saving in line with health and nutrition services to Internally Displaced People (IDPS) and host communities of Magwi County of Eastern Equatoria State.

In March this, violent clashes between farming communities and cattle herders in Magwi County, led to a grave humanitarian crisis with more than 19,622 people in catastrophic need including those who fled across the border and many who are internally displaced.

The escalated insecurity has affected the population in Magwi County mostly women and children, the old people and persons with disabilities with limited access to nutrition services and health care.

There has been a growing insecurity and fear among the people as the conflict destroyed their livelihoods with many people injured, killed and displaced.

Emmanuel clarified to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper’s reporter yesterday that the project has the best team that moves across the county aiming at providing health and nutrition support.

“It is all about providing the best nutrition and health services. We have five teams, one team is actually starting in Magwi Primary Health Care Center (PHCC), we have a complete set of technical staffs, it’s meant to fill the gap and actually Magwi PHCC,” Emmanuel said.

“We have also four mobile teams, these teams are moving across the county. Team one is actually moving along Abara, Owinykibul, Ayii, Ame, and Maji. The second team is actually moving towards Agoro, Ofiriha, Omeo. We have the third team along the Pajok road we are supporting,” he added.

Emmanuel said that the teams help community a lot on health and nutrition status of the people since their operations is on a day to day.

“The movement is on daily basis, so the community is going to benefit because they help and the nutrition status of the community is going to improve,” said Emmanuel.

Emmanuel has also highlighted that there was assessment done by the National Organizations operating in Magwi following the incident and found out that there was much to be done for the community in-terms of health and nutrition.

He commended international organization for migration (IOM) for funding the project for three months in Magwi County which is due to end in August.

“In response to provision of basic emergency health care, as well as specialized trauma care, Health link South Sudan with support from International organization for migration is working hand in hand to see that there is easy accessibility to health services,” he said.

He added that Health Link South Sudan is aiming at reducing the rate of morbidity and mortality for the displaced, vulnerable people and persons with disability in Magwi County which is the critical area of insecurity by the end of the project.

One of the beneficiaries of the project in Lerwaa Ms. Alonyo praised Health Link for rendering such services in the community, called upon people in the community to respond to the support and wished for the continuity of the project.

“I am very happy because of the change brought about by the project. Formerly, we didn’t have enough drugs in the facility, women and children were suffering before this project,” Alonyo said.

“I am calling upon the community of Lerwaa Boma to turn for the free health and nutrition services. I would like to see such support continues,” she added.

Health link South Sudan is a nonprofit humanitarian organization founded to contribute towards the reduction and elimination of absolute poverty and social injustices by promoting social justice, equity and dignity of the human person and has been helping and supporting communities in South Sudan since 2013.

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