Health minister vows to boost health facilities

By Bida Elly David

The National Minster of Health has promised to work closely with partners to improve the health facilities and control cholera outbreak with affirmative prevention measures in the country.

Minister made the statement during the launch of oral Cholera vaccination campaign in Juba early this week.

The campaign was majorly aimed at preventing and controlling cholera outbreak through vaccination ensuring that children and adults are set free from the outbreak which has a passive impact to the human health.

The campaign was organised by the Ministry of Health and other partners targeting children and adults from the frequency of one year and above including pregnant women.

The occasion was attended by the authority of the city Council headed by the mayor and his deputy together with directors from the National Ministry of Health.

Speaking during the event, Yolanda Awel Deng the National Minister of health pledged her readiness in collaboration with partners towards preventing cholera outbreak as well as finding mechanisms to improve all the health facilities in the Country especially Juba to set people free from health problems.

“We and our partners are working towards improving our health facilities in Juba and the entire Country. We know that cholera outbreak is one of the health complications that will affect the whole Country if we don’t vaccinate. Children and pregnant mothers as well as elders are normally at risk of the complication. We shall make sure that all our health facilities are improved and safeguarded’’ said Yolanda.

Yolanda also called on citizens to be cautious when coming to prevention measures by keeping utensils clean every time.

“Following hygiene should be followed by all citizens especially cleaning utensils and sweeping our environment regularly. By following these measures, you will help the ministry of health whether being at the National or State level from running heavy duties’’ she said.

On his part, Michael Lado Allah-Jabu, the Mayor of Juba City promised to cooperate in all areas that are required especially segment of cleaning campaigns to ensure that Juba is set green and clean for the good health of the people.

“I am always ready to cooperate with the ministries of health hoping to execute cleaning campaigns to make sure that the city is kept clean to free people from diseases such as cholera that has just broken. I appreciate the initiative of the vaccination and we hope to work together’’ he affirmed his commitment.

Mayor Allah-Jabu however urged the public to avoid throwing garbage along the roads and streams to prevent them from diseases like cholera.

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