Man arrested for killing his brother in Chukudum

By Ijoo Bosco

Police authorities in Chukudum town of Budi County have arrested a man of about thirty-five years for allegedly shooting his younger brother to death on Tuesday late evening.

Budi County executive Director of Homiri Payam said the incident occurred at late evening around 8:00 PM at the family house.

Mr. Lokiru Raphael Maurice, the Executive Director of Homiri Payam confirmed the incident and said the decease, was a-twenty-three-year-old boy identified as Paul Taban.

Lokiru said the culprit who has been identified as Michael Boilo is said to have been under alcohol influence at the time of the incident. The culprit was arrested with the help of operation forces on Wednesday morning.

“It is true that there is an incident that happened one man killed his brother and with the help of organized forces we managed to arrest the man after he wanted to escape away today we were there to investigate what is happening to ask him why he kill his own brother” Lokiru said.

He added that, the man was under the influence of the alcohol and other things with the help of the forces “we managed to bring him to police”.

“The suspect up to now did not tell us anything we arrested him with a gun because after killing his brother he became wild and want to kill some people also around him” he stated. “We indeed rounded up the suspect in the outcast of the bushes near by the home in the town as he left for hiding him selves to seek another mean to escape away to a faraway distance” added Lokiru.

Teresa Anthony, the mother of the two brothers explained to No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper’s reporter how the incident transpired.

This son of mine killed my young son he came  at 8:00 pm he came and open my door and ask for food I gave him food and he moved out and seat down and his young brother also came in and came to me also and told me that Boilo want to kill me when I came out of the house he immediately shot him and he died on the spot even the blood is still at the door I was just watching when he saw the boy died he moved out and said he is going to tell people out that he has killed his brother” Teresa narrated.

Teresa further recounted that last year, Michael Boilo who shot his brother to dead, burnt down their family house forcing her and the rest of the children to flee to Juba.

The mother of the late also explain that, last year his errant son also burnt their house and they ran to Juba and he wanted to kill his two younger brothers and I took all of this kids to Juba.

She noted that upon her return to Chukudum things where not good but her son called her to come as he promising that, he won’t do anything again.

However the mother said, upon her coming back to the homeland, the boy was behaving well but of recent her son started drinking terribly and feeling out of mind and she think it’s a cause of the drink that has move him to do such sinful act to his own brother.

The Executive Director of Chukudum said police are investigating the circumstance of the killing after which the suspect will be arraign in court.

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