CES: Government, Al Mangalawi unveil first ever vehicles bond

A photo taken during the launch of the vehicles bond yesterday in Juba. (Photo credit; Legend)

By Ephraim Modi D.S

The Government of Central Equatoria State under the jurisdictions of Juba City Council the authority in partnership with Al Mangalawi private company launched the first ever automobiles bond center in Juba on Friday.

The vehicles bond, a sale point for cars situated in Line Temerejia next to Juba Teaching Hospital was opened yesterday to reduce on cramming of on-sale vehicles along Konyo-Konyo streets and other avenues in the city.

The launch was officiated by the State government officials lead by State Minister of Health Nejua Marshal, Juba City Mayor Michael Ladu Allah-Jabu, and Deputy Mayor Thiik Thiik Mayardit, representatives from the committee of the bond, members from the City Council, the press and the general public.

Speaking at the occasion, Minister Nejua Marshal explained the pillars of the state government in ensuring the stability of the citizens and the city in the country which has brought upon the hurling of the event.

“The government of Central Equatoria State through the directives of five pillars, we have five pillars, first is security stabilization and peace building, secondly we have the economic recovery in the State and service delivery is one of the main things and the last is to keep Juba clean, green, secure and beautiful,” Minister Marshal stated.

She also applauded the leadership of Juba City Council under the stewardship of His Worship Mayor Allah-Jabu for bringing the event into a success.

Meanwhile the Mayor of Juba City Council Michael Ladu Allah-Jabu called for a collective responsibility from all stakeholders including city council to establish the city.

“This work is not for you alone, this is our work as a city council but we are not able to organize, city council is not able,” Mayor Allah-Jabu admitted.

The Mayor commended the work of the ministry of health and Central Equatoria government for unveiling for them the available space for the proper use.

The deputy Mayor of Juba City Council Thiik Thiik also lauded State Government particularly the Minister of Health for collaborating with them by allowing them usage of the space for staging market for the vehicles.

“I want to appreciate the Minister of health for giving us this available place because if it was not the minister, we would not be able to be here,” said Thiik.

 “In leadership, when you think of something, and it is good for your citizens, you take it, you don’t need to delay,” he added.

He added that, there is no any other person who will come to do this work for them, unless they the citizens of South Sudan do it for ourselves”.  

Augustino Zakaria Dobili, the Director for Dobili Car Investment and the Chairperson of the bond said that the new place will create for then enough space and reduce of the traffic along the city.

“We are very happy to be here because when we were in Konyokonyo, we were so congested but now we have enough space and I am requesting other business people dealing in the sale of vehicles to come and get for themselves space,” Zakaria emphasized.

He also appreciated the state government and the office of the Mayor for successfully paying concern over their business.

While at the scene and notwithstanding of the new place, some citizens suggests that a place far from the center of the city would be more appropriate for such business since the city is still growing and there are changes of the market to expand.

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