Fathers take back your role of leading exemplarily, children are getting crooked

Fathers – the patriarchs and leaders to the young ones. As we celebrate fathers, we also hold accountable those who are doing wrong and who are greatly misleading the young children.

It is normal that a child’s behavior is greatly fashioned by those of their parents. So, if a they see their parents going around on a shooting spree without being held accountable, they will believe that it is right to do so and thus boys especially those from such dysfunctional homes will in the school go about inflicting pain to his classmates whose intentions he has misunderstood – going around troubling his neighborhood children because he believes that he will not get punished; copying his wrong father.

It is still criminal of men who around killing whoever they don’t understand. There is no reason to justify taking a life of another and this sick habit should be highly punishable no matter the offender or reason.

Patriarchs are heads and protect their families, tribes, and nation in this case but if the head is doing wrong and making it appear right.

The government should thereby be grave serious with disarmament of civilians; that is why the crazy armed violence is still holding the country’s peace by the neck. Punish the Police, Soldier who uses their gun to kill another just because they can to discourage an inhumane resolving of issues in the community.

It is worth celebrating the good fathers who teach their children how to be good citizens, preparing them to be great leaders – keeping selfish hearts, vengefulness and violence away.            

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