Ex-Warrap Governor accused of ‘plotting to oust’ community leadership

Member of Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA), Kanaj Kuol Kuol (Photo courtesy)

By William Madouk Garang

A lawmaker at the Transitional National Assembly (TNLA), Kanaj Kuol Kuol has accused the former governor of Warrap State, Lewis Anei Kuendit and his associates of having illicit conspiracy to ‘overthrow’ the current Community Leadership.

According to the legislator who represents Tonj North County at TNLA, the Ex-Warrap governor Kuendit chaired a meeting convened on Saturday with sole aim of removing chairperson of Tonj Community, Aleu Ayieny in absentia.

Gen. Aleu Ayieny who is the incumbent governor of Warrap State is on medical trip to Egypt; he had almost spent two weeks now in Egypt and would be expected to return home after treatment.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on Sunday, MP Kuol claimed that the meeting that was held on Saturday at Sham Rock Hotel was intended to oust the Tonj community chairman Mr. Ayieny from his seat.

“I have learnt yesterday afternoon of a meeting [convened by] some Tonj community members. In that meeting they would want to change community leadership in the absence of the community leader who is in Egypt for short medical trip,” Kuol told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper in an exclusive interview.

“The meeting was chaired by Hon. Lewis Anei Madut Kuendit, a former governor of Warrap State who’s also a board member of the community leadership plus some of the Tonj community politicians who wanted to take over the seat of community leadership,” he noted.

The lawmaker stressed that everybody has right of entitlement to acquire leadership but should be in transparent, genuine, and through wider consultation so that reshuffle could happen in fair manner.

“I know them! They sat yesterday in Sham Rock Hotel, I know their attendance I cannot mention them all but this is a reality and I don’t think it’s of good faith,” he echoed.

He advised the people of Tonj to stand their grounds and distance themselves from the conspiracy so that they should not be allured by those position seekers who want to backstab and hijack leadership.

“I am appealing to all youth, leaders and security organs of Tonj that the plan meeting that is supposed to take place maybe next week or the other week in which they wanted to topple the community leadership should not be allowed to carry on but wait until community leader comes,” he warned.

I am seeing that if we do such as a community, we will not be at the position of peaceful state, we need to be transparent, genuine in anything we do,” he stressed.

The MP also lauded the leadership of Aleu Ayieny asserting that since he was appointed the security situation in Warrap state has improved and people now can travel without fear of being killed.

“…before governor Aleu was appointed you cannot move to Tonj, there were a lot of fighting, a lot of roadblocks that you cannot move but now under leadership of Gen. Aleu there’s peace now in Tonj you can move,” he praised. 

However, the former Warrap governor, Lewis Anei Kuendit is yet to comment on the matter. 

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