13 teachers allegedly arrested over salary objection in Lakes State

Police hand-cuffs/Courtesy photo

By Bida Elly David

At least 13 teachers were reportedly arrested and detained by security personnel in Lakes State, Rumbek for allegedly rejecting a two months’ salary pay which was not in conformity with the new 100% salary structure increment by the National government.

Meanwhile on the contrary the Lakes State Ministry of General Education denied any arrest of teachers in the State saying teachers are carrying on with their normal duties.

Makur Nyot, a class room teacher at Rumbek Complex Primary School in Rumbek town who claimed, he survived the arrest confirmed the arrest of the teachers to No.1. Citizen Daily Newspaper, yesterday (Monday).

He said the teachers’ arrest was linked to their objection of two months’ salary pay that was claimed to be paid to them in contradiction with the new salary structure that comes with 100% increase as declared by the national government.

“It is true that 13 teachers were arrested in Lake State. It is now three days that Lakes State teachers have refused their two months’ salaries due to the fact that there was an increment made by the national government in Juba by 100%. This new salary structure has never been implemented by the ministry of general education in Lakes State” Nyot stated.

“According to the new salary scale, a grade fourteen teacher is supposed to receive the amount of 22,763 South Sudanese Pounds per month but to our surprise it happened that the minister paid 7,500 South Sudanese Pounds to grade 7 teachers which is contrary to the new salary structure’’ Nyot told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper.

Makur Nyot, the teacher who escaped the arrest pointed out that the reason for the arrest of the 13 colleagues in the teaching profession was known by the State Minister of Education.

He underscored that the teachers were detained at panda Hotel Military Barrack in Rumbek the capital of Lakes State by the security personnel and considered him next target as hunting continuous.

“The teachers were arrested and detained in panda Hotel Military Barracks as we speak now and the major reason for the arrest was best known by the minister of Education himself. To tell the truth, the minister arrested the teachers because we have caught him red handed with our money. We have the live evidence for the new salary structure” Nyot alleged.

He said they presented their petition before the State Reconstituted Transitional Legislative Assembly and were told to be patient until the investigation process is completed.

“We have forwarded our petition on Friday to the Assembly to look into our matter as teachers of Lakes State. The discussion of the petition has started today (Monday) and may continue up to tomorrow (today). The Assembly told us to remain calm until the outcome arrives” he noted.

However, in his response on the alleged arrest of the teachers, Nelson Makoi, the Lakes State Minister of Education denied the reports that 13 teachers were arrested by the security and being detained at a military barracks.

“It is not true, there are no teachers arrested. Teaching is going on normal and you are being misled for nothing and nothing wrong is going on here in Rumbek. Teachers are in their schools teaching their learners normally. That communication received is wrong’’ Minister Nelson Makoi told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, when contacted.

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