Civilians to attend military court ruling in Yei

By James Innocent

The Director for military-civil relations in Yei River County, Michael Machar has called on residents of Yei to turn up and witness final ruling on militaries who committed atrocities against civilians.

The General Military Court martial that had been convened in Yei River County of Central Equatoria State to try soldiers accused of committing various crimes in the county against civilian has been scheduled to pass its final ruling and hearing on Monday at Yei military garrison.

Machar, the Director for military-civil relation in the Yei River then informed the general public in Yei to come one Monday next week to attend and hear the accomplishment of the general court hearing at Yei military garrison.

“We are here to announce to the general public that all the public and military population are to avail themselves the coming Monday to the military General Headquarters in Yei for the final court hearing at 8:00am so we are urging all units of military and public to witness and hear the final court ruling,” Machar announced to the media.

The Director for military-civil relations said those who are witnessing and complainers should turn up for the court, so that their cases are not dismissed.

“According to the rule of law concerning the principle and regulations of law when the complainants fail to come in the case hearing usually the legal adviser and the presiding judge, the prosecutor will dismiss the case if the complainant fails to attend the court so since the government is concern with the court hearing for complainants so without them as complainants the cases becomes useless and the perpetrators who are in prison might be released,” he said.  

Michael Machar disclosed to the media that there are twenty-one cases being handled by the general military court martial, and twenty-eight complainants that make the number of cases lower than the accusers.

He said that some cases against the perpetrator are being compiled by two or three people.

Meanwhile, the women representative in Yei River County of Central Equatoria State, Mama Hawa Adams in her speech last week cautioned citizens of Yei River County to be part of the court hearing to avoid blame on government by its own citizens.

She said as the penetrators are being brought to book, all complainants and witnesses should avail themselves to the last court ruling.

She said that it was unfair since only few people turned up on the court assessment at the military garrison according to her as one of the eye witness.

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