M7 extends army recruits to Northern Uganda

By Martha John Savio

In a bit to preserve, defend and protect his people and their property, President Yuweri Museveni Kaguta has extended Uganda Arm Recruitment Uganda people defense force (UPDF) for the year 2022/2023 in the northern parts of the country.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on a phone call yesterday, the authorities of Kitgum District are calling on youth to join the army in a bid to nature the country and also solve economic issues of unemployment.

The Kitgum Residence Commissioner, Mr. William Komakeck said that recruitment has started yesterday morning and will be taken to Nanyanji; later the qualified one will be taken for further trainings.

Mr. Komakech said the recruitment is for entire Acholi sub region of Lamwo, Kitgum,Agago and Pader District.

The district resident commissioner said, as the head of security organs representing the government, he will work hand in hand with the LC1, LC2 and the Gisos to screen the applications in order to ensure that, the candidates are morally disciplined and sound minded.

Besides, the RDC said that the recruits’ mush be physical fit, and should not have any other challenges such as diseases like AIDS/HIV, Hypertension among others.

The RDC has said for one to qualify, he or she must undergo screening processes.

He said some of the qualification includes; one should possess academic documents of Uganda certificates both Ordinary ‘O’ level and Advanced ‘A’ level; age should range between 18 to 24 years, and should have a Ugandan national identity card.

The residence commissioner thus, said education qualifications is highly recommend so as to break language barriers and be able to quickly learn new skills and other trainings they will undergo.

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