Investigative Committee in Kajo-Keji to prove SSPDF murder atrocities

By Ephraim Modi D.S

The Commissioner of Kajo-Keji County, Kenyi Erasto Michael has confirmed the arrival of committee formed by the Central Equatoria Government to investigate atrocities that led to the murder of three innocent civilians in Kajo-Keji by alleged soldiers belonging to the South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF) on 26th May, 2022.

It has been long overdue since the investigative committee was formed on 27th May, 2022 and has not been able to get on ground to look into the matter. But at least it’s been confirmed the 10-member committee is now in Kajo-Keji and will immediately commence their task.

Kajo-Keji County Commissioner Kenyi Erasto confirmed the arrival of investigation committee to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper via phone on Thursday evening.

“Finally, the committee has arrived,” Commissioner affirmed in short response.

He assured the public which are yearning for justice on the three murder cases that the committee will start their operations today immediately, upon their arrival on the ground, Thursday 24th June 2022.

The Commissioner said the committee comprised members from the Military Intelligence, Prosecution, Director of National Security Sector, State’s Police Commissioner and Army Area Commander which sums up to ten members.

Commissioner Kenyi Erasto who had been in Juba for a workshop on the Land Act said he travelled back along with the committee yesterday and upon their arrival to Kajo-Keji, they briefed the members on ground about the committee’s presence to kick start their mandate.

He commended the efforts exerted by ordinary citizens and the media for being concerned about the situation that alarmed the people.

He however urged the public to remain calm until the committee come out with the findings.

He said that the committee is committed to ensuring that they find the true culprits who perpetrated the deliberate killing of the three youth in Kiri Boma of Kangapo 1 Payam in Kajo-Keji County.

The shooting of the three youth in Kajo-Keji came after a soldier was found dead while hanging on a tree, and the SSPDF soldiers who were sent to the scene of the incident after locals in the area alerted the County Authorities, began shooting indiscriminately without first investigating the circumstance, killing the three.

Meanwhile, residents in Kajo-Keji had often raised an alarm saying it was not the first time that civilians have been targeted and allegedly killed by soldiers.

They said previously, one civilian was murdered in cold blood in his Hut by an identified SSPDF soldier in Kansuk Boma of Nyepo Payam, Kajo-Keji County.

Additionally, the SSPDF in Kajo-Keji have been accused on several occasions of arbitrarily arresting and detaining civilians in their barracks, including the recent example being the unlawful arrest and detention of the Acting Payam Administrator of Nyepo Payam who is still in the custody of the county security organs, since he was arrested in March this year over the dead of a soldier and the burning of illegal trucks for logs.

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